One Million Moms wage war on Oreo for… celebrating queer kids with loving homes

Oreo's latest ad, which features a lesbian daughter receiving support from her family, fuelled alarm among One Million Moms. (Oreo/Screen capture via YouTube)

One Million Moms are threatening to boycott Oreo and its parent company Mondelez for a heartwarming advertisement that dares to show queer children in loving homes.

Oh, the horror!

The religious lobbying group are duelling with the sandwich cookie company for not fitting into their cookie-cutter ideals of American life, which, we guess, is children being miserable but living with mixed-sex parents? Who knows.

Giving us real “Won’t somebody please think of the children!” energy, lead Monica Cole condemned Oreo for “brainwashing children and adults” by featuring a woman bringing her girlfriend to meet her parents.

While her father is hesitant at first, the ad ends with him showing his support by painting the picket fence the colours of the rainbow.

This, Cole said, shows Oreo is “going after our children” with the ad ending with the words: “A loving world starts with a loving home.”

One Million Moms have spent sizeable portions of the coronavirus pandemic launching bitter boycotts over gay cartoon ducks and wrapping paper.

One Million Moms boycott Oreo for ‘normalising the LGBT+ lifestyle’.

“Oreo and parent company, Mondelez International, have begun airing a gay pride commercial which has absolutely nothing to do with selling cookies,” Cole wrote about the short film.

“Mondelez International is attempting to normalise the LGBTQ lifestyle by using their commercials, such as the most recent Oreo ad featuring a lesbian couple, to brainwash children and adults alike by desensitizing audiences.”

Indeed, the ad shows truly nightmarish things, such as the couple washing dishes, cycling around town and watching childhood videos together. Even kissing outside laundrettes.

The couple refuses to be stung by the barbed glances they get from their neighbours as they carry in groceries, which the father sees as he tends to the car.

In a beautiful scene, the pair wake up to find the dad painting the white picket fence outside the property with the colours of the LGBT+ Pride flag. “I love you,” he says to his daughter.

We guess One Million Moms were rooting for the snide neighbour here, as Cole continued: “The company is collaborating with PFLAG and celebrating their LGBTQ advocacy work.

“It is obvious they are going after our children in a dangerous partnership with PFLAG. PFLAG is the most visible group showing support for LGBTQ youth and acceptance of this lifestyle.”

She then rallied on members to join her in snubbing brands “Oreo, belVita, Chips Ahoy!, Cadbury Dairy Milk, Honey Maid, Halls, Philadelphia, Ritz, Sour Patch Kids, Triscuit, Trident gum, and Wheat Thins.”