First trailer drops for controversial David Bowie film Stardust and let’s just say it makes Cats look like Citizen Kane

David Bowie Stardust

The first trailer has dropped for the controversial David Bowie film Stardust, which features none of David Bowie’s music, and fans are already “horrified with this God awful attempt at a biopic”.

The film, which stars singer-turned-actor Johnny Flynn as Bowie, premiered Wednesday (October 28) at Raindance Film Festival.

Stardust is an unauthorised biopic, meaning Bowie’s family did not grant filmmakers any rights, and therefore it contains none of his music.

According to the movie’s distributor, IFC Films, Stardust is set in 1971 when “a 24-year-old fledgling David Bowie (Johnny Flynn) is sent to America to promote his newest record, ‘The Man Who Sold the World'”.

It continues: “Bowie is quickly met with an audience that’s not yet ready for him.

“During the tumultuous journey, Bowie slowly begins to realise a need to reinvent himself in order to truly become himself; it’s with that realisation that his iconic, celestial alter-ego Ziggy Stardust is born… Stardust offers an intimate glimpse into the moments that inspired the creation of Bowie’s first and most memorable alter-ego, illuminating the turning point that cemented his legacy as one of the world’s greatest cultural icons.”

But Bowie fans are having none of it, using the hashtag #BoycottStardust on social media, and pointing out that the musical genius and queer icon specifically said that he did not want films made about his life.

One Twitter user, upon seeing the trailer announced: “I could have made a better film if I shot it in my back garden and played all the characters myself but I wouldn’t do that because I respect Bowie and his family’s wishes.”

As well as the questionable quality and ethics of the film, fans are also confused about the casting of Flynn to play Bowie.

Twitter has come up with many roles the actor would be better suited for, including Sharon Osborne, a red-headed Karen and a disastrous Bake Off cake.

One person simply wrote of Stardust, which is set to be released November 25: “They really did it. they managed to make David Bowie look mediocre.”