Uber Eats hits back at homophobes after being accused of ‘LGBT+ brainwashing’ with Jonathan Van Ness ads

Jonathan Van Ness criticised for defending Uber ad amid Proposition 22

Uber Eats has slapped down homophobes who are angry about its new ads starring Queer Eye’s Jonathan Van Ness.

Anti-LGBT+ activists accused the delivery service of “attempting to brainwash viewers with an agenda” with its gymnastics-themed series of ads, one of which features Van Ness and Olympic gymnast Simone Biles performing the splits and splitting a falafel wrap.

The puritanical campaign group One Million Moms, an offshoot of the anti-LGBT+ American Family Association, claimed that the sight of watching Van Ness “prance around in the opposite sex’s clothing” would make audiences “lose their appetite.”

Uber Eats ad stars Queer Eye's Jonathan Van Ness

A pre-written complaint that the group is urging supporters to send to the company reads: “I am extremely disappointed that Uber Eats and Uber are refusing to remain neutral in the culture war.

“Uber is pushing the LGBTQ agenda on families with its most recent Uber Eats commercials. If Uber cannot remain neutral, then I will no longer support your company.”

The group goes on to disparage the non-binary TV star as a “cross-dresser”, claiming that “anyone curious or struggling with his or her sexual identity” needs answers “from a biblical perspective.”

Uber Eats is firmly standing by the ads, politely telling One Million Moms to get lost.

A spokesperson told NBC News: “At Uber Eats, we’re unapologetically committed to representing the flavour spectrum.

“From tacos to talent, we like it spicy. JVN and Simone serve gymnastic prowess and self-confidence, qualities millions of moms everywhere can — and do — support.”

Jonathan Van Ness impresses fans with gymnastics skills in Uber Eats advert.

Thankfully, the Uber Eats ads are getting plenty of support – with most people taken aback by the gymnastics prowess demonstrated by Jonathan Van Ness.

One YouTube commenter wrote: “i just watched this commercial and i was like they definitely gave him a stunt double but then he turned around and it was actually him like… period sis”.

Another added: “I shouldn’t be surprised since he did cheerleading in high school but I’m impressed at how nimble he is.”

Speaking to Elle about the campaign, Van Ness said: “I was so afraid of hitting and tumbling into the greatest gymnast of all time. I was like, ‘Simone, if it seems like veering off course, if it seems like I am coming at you, duck, run. We cannot hurt you.’

“I would take a bus for her. If we were walking next to each other, and I saw something that was going to happen, it was only one of us, I really would.

“I would throw her to safety. She’s literally everything to me, to our country, to our gymnastics community.”