Biden supporters celebrate in the street singing YMCA, reclaiming the gay anthem from soon-to-be former president Trump

Overjoyed Philadelphians took to the streets to celebrate Joe Biden’s critical lead by singing and dancing to the Village People’s “YMCA”, a song that’s been co-opted by Trump as the unofficial soundtrack to his rallies.

A wave of excitement came on Friday after an onslaught of mail-in ballots broadened Biden’s lead over Trump in Pennsylvania, all but winning him the presidential election.

Crowds gathered outside of Pennsylvania’s Convention Centre where votes continue to be tallied, dancing in a sea of Pride colours, Black Lives Matter T-shirts and anti-Trump flags reading “Surrender to democracy”.

Their joy was palpable as speakers blared out the familiar sounds of “YMCA”, a song which, as we all know, is definitely not about gay sex.

It seems these undertones were lost on Trump as he repeatedly played the tune throughout his campaign – presumably for its repetition of the words “young man”, a reference to the often-boasted fact that, at 74, he’s three whole years younger than his opponent.

LGBT+ people were baffled to see the incumbent president and his fans embrace the song as their own, along with another Village People hit “Macho Man”, which Trump has refused to stop using despite the band’s repeated insistence that he cease and desist.

He even capped off his campaign with a haunting supercut of himself performing a limp, fist-pumping dance to the song, which is now forever burned into our retinas.

But now as the tables turn on the homophobe-in-chief, Pennsylvanians defiantly rubbed salt in the wound by using Trump’s own campaign song to celebrate his defeat.

Plus, to add further to Trump’s problems, the Village People have announced that they’re planning to sue Donald Trump for his unauthorised use of their song. Justice.