Sia claims ‘pathological liar’ Shia LaBeouf ‘conned’ her into an adulterous relationship as she sends FKA twigs solidarity

Sia wearing half-black, half-white wig and a huge white bow atop her head / Shia LaBeouf in a tuxedo

Sia called Shia LaBeouf a “pathological liar” and alleged he manipulated her into an “adulterous relationship” after FKA twigs announced she is to sue him.

The Australian singer came forward solidarity with FKA twigs, who on 11 December announced she was suing the actor, her ex-boyfriend, citing “relentless abuse” and sexual battery.

Sia shared a link to an interview twigs gave recounting her story, writing: “I too have been hurt emotionally by Shia, a pathological liar, who conned me into an adulterous relationship claiming to be single.

“I believe he’s very sick and have compassion for him AND his victims. Just know, if you love yourself – stay safe, stay away.”

Sia with her hair in a top knot, speaking at a podium

Sia making a rare appearance without her face concealed. (Neilson Barnard/Getty)

Sia, who cast LaBeouf in her 2015 video for “Elastic Heart”, commended twigs on her bravery in coming forward.

FKA twigs alleges Shia LaBeouf threatened her life.

FKA twigs recently detailed a disturbing cycle of alleged abuse from Shia LaBeouf, including him threatening to crash the car they were travelling in unless she professed her love for him, and knowingly giving her a sexual transmitted disease.

“He brought me so low, below myself, that the idea of leaving him and having to work myself back up just seemed impossible,” twigs told the New York Times.

FKA Twigs on the BRITs red carpet in a voluminous cropped jacket, her hair highlighted red in a ponytail with a long fringe

FKA Twigs at the BRIT Awards. (Getty/Jim Dyson/Redferns)

“What I went through with Shia was the worst thing I’ve ever been through in the whole of my life.

“I don’t think people would ever think that it would happen to me. But I think that’s the thing. It can happen to anybody.”

Following Sia’s tweet, twigs wrote: “I’m sorry Sia. This reinforces why I had to publicly share my experience. We need to support each other.”

The British singer has vowed to give a significant portion of any monetary damages resulting from her lawsuit to a domestic violence charity, noting that it was “very expensive” and a “massive undertaking” for her to leave the relationship.

The lawsuit cites another ex of LaBeouf’s, Karolyn Pho, who tells a similar story, alleging that the actor once pinned her down in a hotel bed, “causing intense pain and leaving multiple bruises”, before head-butting her so violently she bled.

“There is nothing funny about the exploitation of and battering of women.”

“Shia LaBeouf hurts women. He uses them. He abuses them, both physically and mentally,” the lawsuit adds.

“He is dangerous. For too long, LaBeouf has sought to excuse his reprehensible actions as the eccentricities of a free-thinking ‘artist’. Even though his history of violent behaviour was well documented, many in the media have treated LaBeouf as a harmless figure of fun, which has helped enable him to perpetuate his cycle of abuse of women over the years.

“There is nothing funny about the exploitation of and battering of women.”

In emails to the New York Times, LaBeouf responded to twigs’ and Pho’s testimonies by insisting “many of these allegations are not true”.

He conceded however that he owed both women “the opportunity to air their statements publicly and accept accountability for those things I have done”.

“I’m not in any position to tell anyone how my behavioor made them feel,” he wrote, citing his PTSD and alcoholism.

“I have no excuses for my alcoholism or aggression, only rationalisations. I have been abusive to myself and everyone around me for years. I have a history of hurting the people closest to me. I’m ashamed of that history and am sorry to those I hurt. There is nothing else I can really say.”

PinkNews has contacted representatives for Shia LaBeouf for further comment.