Gay commentator Andrew Sullivan says he ‘needs’ lesbians to nurse him when he’s sick in bizarre anti-trans diatribe

Andrew Sullivan

Gay political commentator Andrew Sullivan is panicking that lesbians are close to extinction, writing in a bizarre anti-trans column that he “needs” gay women to look after him when he’s sick.

Sullivan is a gay, Roman Catholic, British-American blogger who worked as the editor of the New Republic during the 1990s.

As part of The Spectator’s Christmas special, Sullivan bizarrely claimed that lesbians were disappearing in favour of “becoming men” in a column titled “Where have all the lesbians gone?

“I miss lesbians,” he wrote. “It is true that most homosexual men don’t have too many integrated in our lives, but most of us have a few. And we need them.

“They check our sometimes tenuous grasp of reality, they roll their eyes at our hedonism, they show us how marriages can last, and take care of us when we get sick.”

Confusingly, after drawing on outdated gender roles that cast women as purely caregiving homemakers, Sullivan then wrote that he “used to marvel at lesbians’ capacity to subvert what it means to be a woman”, before insisting that femme lesbians must have butch partners.

He wrote: “We had the lipstick lesbians, in their little black dresses, and their butch partners, often strapped into a bad tuxedo on social occasions. We had the baby dykes, who looked like members of various boy bands, and who could get into brawls after a few beers; and the quiet proper librarian types, always on the verge of shushing you, who could instantly command a room.”

Finally arriving at why he believes lesbians are endangered, Sullivan added: “I miss lesbians these days because so many are now becoming men.

“Many of the sudden hordes of youngsters seeking a testosteroned transition to maleness today would once have been teen lesbians – happy to expand the realm of femaleness to the most tomboyish of tomboys.

“But now, under the influence of queer theory and peer pressure, the tomboy is being told that whatever obstacles she may encounter, they can be resolved through male hormones.”

Twitter users were quick to pick apart Sullivan’s bizarre, anti-trans diatribe, with one writing: “Has Andrew Sullivan considered that all the lesbians are disappearing from his life because he appears to treat us as part private nurse, part comic sidekick? My God this is reprehensible.”

Another wrote: “Pretty sure the lesbians have disappeared from his life not because of some trans-related extinction event but because he expects them to take care of him when he’s sick, or because they got tired of him not learning from all the times they called him on his shit.”

One Twitter user perfectly summed up Sullivan’s column: “Well it seems the lesbians in Andrew Sullivan’s life have stopped tolerating him. That has nothing to do with trans people though.”