America just found out Chuck Norris ‘is a homophobic Trump supporter’ and they’re not taking it well

Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris’ homophobic comments have resurfaced after his lookalike was spotted at the US Capitol riots.

As he was forced to deny participating in the US Capitol riots, fans of the ageing action hero are suddenly realising he isn’t as squeaky clean as they might have thought.

The 80-year-old actor and martial artist hit the headlines after a Trump supporter claimed to have seen him at last week’s insurrection on the Capitol, sharing a photo of a man who did indeed bear a striking resemblance to Chuck Norris.

His representatives insisted the man was just a lookalike and Norris was nowhere near Washington DC that day, but the mix-up fuelled fresh scrutiny over his views – and it doesn’t paint a pretty picture.

The star is a well-known Republican who proudly endorsed “friendly and sincere” Donald Trump in 2016, but he’d already been problematic for years at that point.

Chuck Norris slammed for homophobic article.

Back in 2012 Chuck Norris was accused of homophobia after he took to the shooting magazine Ammoland to claim that gay people have no place in the scouting movement.

His article lashed out at attempts to change a centuries-old policy that banned gay scouts and leaders, criticising Obama’s “pro-gay agenda” and accusing his administration of favouring homosexuals over Christians and US taxpayers.

Norris has also publicly endorsed the disgraced anti-LGBT+ Republican Ray Moore, a man who faced a judicial inquiry for illegally ordering probate judges to enforce a same-sex marriage ban in Alabama.

This was news to many fans of Chuck Norris (or just fans of Chuck Norris memes), who expressed their shock that a Trump-supporting “gun rights activist” could possibly harbour homophobic views.

But the rumours of Chuck Norris’ involvement in the Capitol riots came as little surprise to others, who were only surprised that more people didn’t know of his true views until now.

Despite his problematic anti-gay views, even Chuck Norris drew the line at supporting the “Trump terrorists” who stormed the Capitol.

He firmly distanced himself from the rioters, confirming to his fans on Twitter that he had not taken part in the insurrection and did not approve of the violence.

“I recently learned there was a Chuck Norris lookalike at the DC Capitol riots. It wasn’t me and I wasn’t there,” he said. “There is no room for violence of any kind in our society. I am and always will be for Law and Order.”