Drag Race UK fans are joining in with the ‘queen of your hometown’ challenge and the results are brutal

Bimini bon boulash norwich fc drag race

In the long-awaited RuPaul’s Drag Race UK season two opener, the 12 brand-new queens were asked to rock a look inspired by their hometown as part of the episode’s maxi challenge.

Bimini Bon Boulash, from Norwich, ended up lip-syncing for her life after choosing a very eye-opening take on the Norwich FC kit, with Graham Norton archly proclaiming that club owner Delia Smith might not be too delighted with her crotch-flossing outfit.

Another queen who fell foul of the judges was Brighton’s Joe Black, whose regal take on Brighton Pavilion was slated for – well, we’re still not sure, to be honest. After the episode, people united to rage about the fact they thought Joe was robbed.

On the flip side of the coin, Asttina Mandella was crowned the maxi challenge winner after slaying the judges with a perfect east London look (one person tweeted: “My actual highlight of season two, episode one of #DragRaceUK is Asttina Mandella walking out in her east London outfit holding a box of cheap fried chicken.”)

Asttina Mandella drag race UK

When Rimmel say “get the London look”, this is what they should mean (BBC)

The challenge inspired fans to debate what their own hometown look would be in a Reddit thread, and – frankly – some of them were absolutely savage.

One person said: “Derbyshire. Maybe a bin bag?”

Divina De Campo fan Eldritch Goat said: “So I live in Cwmbran which is the town over from Newport. It’s generally nicer than Newport but it’s still kind of boring. I guess I’d dress as a pregnant teenager.”

An Airdrie resident added: “Our biggest claim to fame is probably being part of ‘The Buckfast Triangle’ where a large proportion of total Buckfast sales happen, so my hometown look would probably be a dress inspired by a Bucky bottle…”

Cometstorm86 had arguably the best idea, writing: “From Barrow-in-Furness, and I think the only famous thing about the town is Dave Myers from the Hairy Bikers…so I guess I’d have to do a drag Dave.”

This concept also gets a big thumbs up: “London calling! I’d do a hyper-feminised Beefeater uniform. Maybe with elements of crow-fashion a la Moira Rose.”

Yes please.

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