Marks and Spencer’s ‘love nut Yumnut’ Valentine’s Day doughnut proves why you need gays on your marketing team

The love nut Yumnut, a croissant-doughnut covered in white icing and red hearts

The world is crumbling into a seething pit of pure pain and unbridled chaos, but hey, get a load of Marks and Spencer’s (M&S) “love nut Yumnut”.

In the surreal sequel to Santa’s Yumnut – that Christmas doughnut that made you question the very foundations of reality itself last year – comes its Valentine’s Day spin-off, the “love nut”.

The British retailer wants you to “feel the LOVE NUTS this Valentine’s” with its new “love nut Yumnut” it tweeted Wednesday (27 January).

Get ready to lick your lips as you stuff your face with this tasty hole oozing with thick white chocolate icing, according to the M&S website.

It’s a delicious croissant-doughnut hybrid with the plump pastry topped by two things at once – tiny chocolate hearts and freeze-dried raspberries.

While we’re not sure when the love nut will be pulled out of stores, the supermarket announced that you can get a mouthful of love nut in its bakeries from 27 January.

But for those who would rather get their hands on a sausage, don’t worry. M&S also announced that its “Love Sausage” is back and this time it will pound on your backdoor.

You know, as it will be available for home-delivery as part of a breakfast in bed Valentine’s love hamper, the Daily Record reported.

Everyone wants to get a mouthful of Marks & Spencer’s love nut Yumnut

Whether they’re in the mood for a Yumnut or a piece of meat, Twitter users immediately praised M&S for once again proving that marketing teams need to hire LGBT+ people.

With Santa’s Yumnut having been released just days after Britain’s second lockdown was announced, M&S appear to have struck a tradition of dropping new Yumnuts during the climaxes of lockdown, with Britain currently in the throes of its third.

So who knows what the next Yumnut will be. Perhaps a Daddy’s Yumnut for Father’s Day? Or a rugby-themed, er, rosebud Yumnut… but perhaps that won’t go down as well.

After all, M&S launched a vegan Easter egg shaped like a girthy eggplant in December that those hoping to wrap their lips around would definitely need both hands to handle.

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