Pat Butcher, Grindr and berets: the funniest tweets and memes from this week’s Drag Race UK

RuPaul's Drag Race UK season two

Drag Race UK season two has been an absolute tonic so far. From the minute we heard the absolute bop that is To the Moon blast out again, it was like we were transported back to a happier, pre-COVID time.

The queens this year are diverse and – mostly – bloody hilarious (we’re looking at you, Lawrence Cheney) and the challenges have been delightfully random. Who could ever possibly forget the deeply bizarre Rats the Rusical: even if you really, really want to.

There have been some sickening plot twists (RIP Joe Black, we hardly knew ya), and scintillating outfits (Veronica Green, marry us). Another thing that’s been consistent are the absolutely fantastic tweets and memes that pop up after each episode, which are almost as entertaining as the show itself.

So to brighten the dark, gloomy, damp, muddy and miserable month that is January in the UK, we thought we’d round up a whole bunch of our favourite reactions to last night’s cracker of an episode. Beware, it of course contains spoilers: if you’ve not watched it yet, what the hell are you doing here. Go away!

Firstly, this spot-on tweet from the official Drag Race UK Twitter account…

Was anyone else SCREAMING at this EastEnders reference?

Another corker from the official account. Who is behind these jokes? We need to know.

Lawrence and Tia are all of our middle-aged colleagues.

The bar got so low by the end of the mini-challenge, it was like being back at home for Christmas.

This one was way too real.

It was elf ears last week, for some reason.

People picked up on the fact Ru was being…nice?

“I’m serving you an adequate dress” – Tia definitely saved herself with her jokes.

This absolutely accurate reaction to losing the iconic Asttina Mandella.

(Although let’s be honest: we’re happy comedy queen Tia Kofi got to stay. The Snatch Game needs her.)

And of course, who could forget this frankly iconic line from Lawrence…

Please can Drag Race UK season two go on forever?