Nipples, Blankety W**k and primordial soup: the funniest tweets and memes from this week’s Drag Race UK

Bimini Bon Boulash

Another week has flown by faster than a speeding pterodactyl in a frizzy wig, and that can only mean one thing: it’s time for another Drag Race UK meme round up.

Week six might not have contained a brain-meltingly addictive bop that we’re still (bing) struggling (bang) to get (bong) out of our head (singsangsong) over a week later, but it was still chock full of cheek, audacity, nerve, gall and gumption. What else would you expect from Snatch Game, after all?

Expectations for the iconic spoof panel show were sky high, mainly because Drag Race UK season two has graced us with some spectacularly funny contestants. Lawrence Chaney was definitely considered the one to watch, but the Glaswegian comedy queen’s one-note take on Miriam Margoyles fell flat and she handed Bimini the win.

Speaking of Bimini, can we all agree we want the vegan cis-tem offender to host Countdown instead of Anne Robinson? Ideally as Katie Price, but we’d also happily take her drunk Morning Glory presenter.

As usual, the latest Drag Race UK episode provoked a strong reaction on Twitter, in the form of many, many hilarious memes. Here are some of our favourites.

RuPaul spent most of Snatch Game learning what bellends are, finally announcing: “It’s the bit at the end. You’re watching the BBC.”

You may like to watch

Which in turn led to this observation.

Gemma Collins wasn’t quite the laugh riot on Drag Race UK we were hoping she would be.

But Bimini’s ICONIC impression of Katie Price made up for it.

And it was instantly turned into a meme.

We mean, lines like this only come up once in a generation.

As usual, the official BBC Drag Race Twitter account cracked us up.

A’Whora and Ellie Diamond both broke down during their heart to heart with Ru. It was as if they were talking to Karamo Brown in a car on Queer Eye or something.

Bimini’s runway look was definitely infectious.

And the rest of the primordial soup loved it.

A’Whora chucking away her coat was a MOOD.

Ex- Drag Race UK queen Baga Chipz used the runway theme to take the Micky out of Divina’s “old-fashioned” drag.

Many people shared their suspicions that Michelle Visage was wearing an H&M outfit (please let it be true).

We sadly lost Tia, but she went out with a bang.

Plus she – yet again – got to soak up compliments about her killer bod from the Drag Race UK judges.

And finally, Alex Joynes summed up how everyone in the UK was feeling.

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