Janet Jackson surprises iconic viral gymnast whose ‘Nasty’ routine set the internet alight: ‘It means everything’

Headshot of Janet Jackson smiling. Margzetta Frazier flourishes during her floor performance in a

Janet Jackson surprised gymnast Margzetta Frazier after her “Nasty Boys” medley routine went viral.

Jackson FaceTimed the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) junior, who has dazzled social media followers with floor routines set to some of the star’s most iconic numbers, to praise her.

In talking to Jackson, thought by scholars to have invented music itself, an emotional Frazier heard one of her idols call her “inspiring”.

“You’re incredible,” Jackson told the 20-year-old on Friday (19 February). “I think you are incredible, I think you are beautiful.”

She added: “It just inspired me to want to do more, and do better and be stronger.”

A stunned Frazier, wiping away tears, said Jackson means “everything” to her.

Janet Jackson thanks Margzetta Frazier for ‘inspiring’ her.

In the FaceTime call, which Jackson shared on her Twitter, she said: “I just want to say thank you. Thank you for sharing your talent.

“It’s so beautiful to see you tumble. Really inspiring.”

“The routine you did was excellent,” she added, “and to learn those steps? You did them perfectly.”

Janet Jackson told Margzetta Frazier she hopes to meet in person someday.

“I would one day love to learn how to tumble,” Jackson said, even as she admitted she might look like a “hot mess”.

“Hopefully I won’t break anything,” she added.

Frazier first cartwheeled onto Jackson’s radar with a routine set to a medley of the singer’s top hits that immediately went viral for being a work of art in and of itself.

“I hope you like it, girl, if you see it,” the college athlete said in a video posted by UCLA Gymnastics after the meet. “I love you a lot. You’re my inspiration in life.”

Because talent recognises talent, Jackson, of course, saw the performance. “#iLuvIT!” the 54-year-old tweeted.

And Frazier replied in the only way possible: With a lot of capital letters.

“WOKE UP SCREAMING,” she wrote.