Lindsey Graham really, really wants this hole plugging

Lindsey Graham

Lindsey Graham is ready and rearing to fill up a hole or two in the US-Mexico border wall.

After Joe Biden halted construction on Donald Trump’s much-vaulted border wall project, Graham, the anti-LGBT+ Republican senator for South Carolina, journeyed to Arizona to survey its status.

Biden ordered a pause on the wall on his first day in office. Roughly a week before, Trump had lauded himself for “the completion of the promised 450 miles of border wall”. He neglected to mention that new sections of the wall made up less than 50 miles of that, with the majority consisting of upgrades to pre-existing fencing panels.

Nonetheless, Graham used his wall trip to attack Biden’s “dumb” government for grinding the border wall to a halt, leaving a gaping but ultimately “useless” hole behind.

“It was worth the whole trip to see how stupid this is,” he fumed, a sentiment you probably share after clicking the link to this story.

“The Biden administration has apparently decided to stop construction and plugging this hole in the wall,” he continued, pledging to demand answers from the Department of Homeland Security.

Sharing footage of himself standing beside a pile of flaccid panels, his bland chinos blending into the dusty pathway, Graham said: “They’re having to use labour-intensive efforts of manpower.

“They’re having people watch and [all-terrain vehicles] going up and down. If they would just build these two panels, they could take those resources and apply it somewhere else.”

“Whether you’re Republican, Democrat, vegetarian, libertarian – it makes no sense to build a wall with a hole in it!” he added.

Clearly, Graham does not know just how glorious a hole in a wall can be. And of course, Twitter users were quick with the memes.