Oreo whips snowflakes into a frenzy by simply declaring ‘trans people exist’

Oreo cookies

Oreo cookies have divided the internet once again, this time by simply declaring that trans people do, in fact, exist.

On Thursday (25 February), the biscuit brand tweeted: “Trans people exist.”

Oreo gave no context to the tweet, although many interpreted that it was a reference to a House vote the same day to pass the Equality Act, which substantially expands the existing 1964 Civil Rights Act to include specific protections for sexual orientation and gender identity.

Lots of Twitter users celebrated the statement of solidarity, comparing the words of a biscuit to actual elected officials. 

One wrote: “Cookies shouldn’t be smarter than congress people.”

Another penned a poem: “Roses are red, Conservatives are p**sed, because Oreos said, ‘Trans people exist.'”

However some questioned whether the statement was just another example of rainbow capitalism, which the LGBT+ community has become tired of seeing.

One person tweeted: “I agree entirely, but this is a room of old white people saying ‘how can we sell more cookies to young people?'”

Another asked: “When are you gonna donate to trans charities?”

While someone else tweeted: “Oreo really said “trans people exist” then logged off.”

One person explained to other commenters why the Oreo statement could be interpreted as performative allyship, writing: “For those in the comments who don’t get why so many trans people are unhappy with this: Does me saying that ‘bees exist’ do anything to help bees?

“Does it even tell you whether I think bees existing is positive? No. It doesn’t. The bar is in hell.”

Some insisted, however, that whatever the intention, the Oreo statement was still positive.

“I gotta disagree,” wrote a trans Oreo fan. “Even though it’s most likely for capitalistic reasons, getting recognition and normalisation makes a lot of people feel valid and less like we’re the outcasts that should fear for our lives.”

Another Twitter user did some digging, and shared that the brand was supporting trans people in actions, not just words.

“I typically try to call out hypocrisy but, wow,” they wrote.

“Nabisco’s parent company has a 100 rating by the Human Rights Campaign while offering trans-inclusive healthcare. Colour me surprised in all colours of the rainbow. Thank you for being my favourite cookie.”