TikTok user perfectly shuts down transphobic ‘super straight’ trend

Super straight tiktok trend

One TikTok user has perfectly shut down a new transphobic trend of people “identifying as super straight”, claiming refusing to date trans people is an “orientation”.

The trend appears to have started with TikTok user @kyleroyce, who recently created a video in which he said: “Yo, guys, I made a new sexuality now, actually, it’s called super straight.

“Since straight people, or straight men like myself, I get called transphobic because I wouldn’t date a trans woman.”

The TikToker said he wouldn’t date a trans woman because “that’s not a real woman to me, like, I want a real woman”.

“Now, I’m super straight,” he added. “I only date the opposite gender, woman, that are born woman. So you can’t say I’m transphobic now because that’s just my sexuality.”

Although it seems highly unlikely that any trans woman has ever wanted to date @kyleroyce, the hateful trend began to spread to other social media platforms.

The original video has been removed, and the TikTok user claims he has been banned from posting on the platform, but his video is being shared by others also claiming to “identify as super straight”.

One TikTok user perfectly explained why “identifying as super straight” makes zero sense.

Other social media users have been forced to step in to explain why the trend is viciously transphobic and makes absolutely no sense, with one TikToker crafting the perfect response.

User @procrasclass posted a video responding to a commenter who claimed to be “super straight”.

He said: “Super straight means you think that men who date trans women are less straight, meaning that trans women are men, and therefore not real women. Which is not only transphobic, but scientifically inaccurate.”

The TikTok user said it was “really funny” that transphobes were claiming to be “super straight”, adding: “You like women, but you’re excluding an entire group of women.

“If a plumber only works on shower drains and refuses to work on sinks, we don’t call him a ‘super plumber’.

“If anything, you’re ‘semi-straight’ or ‘straight impaired’.”