Pathetic ‘super straight’ trolls have already moved on to a new transphobic trend

The Super Gay Flag, featuring two interlocking male signs in a dark and light blue colour

Off-shoots of the so-called “super straight” movement, which asserts that refusing to date trans people is a sexual orientation, now include the groan-worthy “super gay”, “super lesbian” and “super bisexual”.

After a TikTok user uploaded a video 21 February explaining he is “super straight”, the rancorous term has spread at a lightning speed.

Urban Dictionary definitions, dedicated Reddit forums and Twitter hashtags appeared within days – a speed only accelerated further by the alt-right.

In driving wedges within the LGBT+ community, one of the movement’s most prolific and since-deleted subreddits, Super Straight, says those who are gay, lesbian and bisexual but are also, well, transphobic, are “super gay”, “super lesbian”, “super bisexual” and so on.

These are all under the umbrella of the, er, “SSLGBT+” or “LGBTSS+” community. Which definitely doesn’t sound like the Schutzstaffel. You know, the Nazi special police. Otherwise known as the SS.

Pride flags for each group have also been fashioned, according to LGBT+ Wikia.

In one thread on the main Super Straight subreddit, users tried to frame Elliot Page and Emma Portner divorcing as proof that Portner is a “super lesbian”. Others framed the word cis as “superphobic”.

And as one “super lesbian” said: “As a long-term fighter against superphobia, I’m used to being censored.”

Various subreddits were founded specifically for supersexuals, including the since-deleted Super_Lesbian and Super Lesbian, or the private forum Super Gay.

But pro-trans Redditors have fought back. The Super Bisexual subreddit, meanwhile, was founded by pro-trans users “so people can’t be transphobic here too”, an admin wrote.

The same was done for Super_Gay and Super Pansexual.

Reddit and TikTok have both clamped down on the ‘super straight’ movement

In blows to the movement, both Reddit and TikTok have sought to clamp down on pro-Super Straight content, such as closing down dedicated subreddits for “promoting hate”, Reddit said.

TikTok has permanently banned as the “founder” of the movement, TikTok user @kyleroyce, as well as ban its accompanying hashtag.

For the most part, the movement jerry-rigs various LGBT+ terms and phrases with transphobic dog whistles. As one meme states: “Super Straight behaviour can be found in over 450 species – superphobia can only be found in one.”

Indeed, 4chan users have explained how they have sought to rewire the movement to troll LGBT+ people. In repackaging transphobia as an orientation, they seek to excuse accusations of discrimination and validate hatred.

“Use the left’s tactics against themselves,” one 4chan user said, “call them bigots for not accepting super straights.”