Drag queens to test their gaming skills on Twitch in fun-packed, live-streamed cancer charity event

Gamers Beat Cancer

Gamers Beat Cancer will be hosting their very first Dragbox UK charity fundraiser in April.

Dragbox UK will be hosted by the charity on Twitch and feature a line-up of fabulous drag queens playing Jackbox Games to discover who is the fiercest of them all.

The line-up includes drag artists and streamers Rhiebelle, Dona Tarte, Heather Phetish and Taylor Trash.

Broadcast on 1 April at 7pm, the event will raise awareness of the inequality of cancer services for the LGBT+ community and raise money for Gamers Beat Cancer.

Twitch streamer Trista Bytes will be hosting the evening, with Coaching For Geeks’ Robin Bates as Gamesmaster.

Rhiebelle is a drag artist on Twitch and mental health advocate who also hosts weekly mindfulness streams. 

“Cancer sucks. Do we need to say more than that? Anything we can do as humans to prevent this devastating disease taking lives and destroying families we should give our energy to in droves,” she said with regards to the event.

“I’m excited to perform with some amazing drag artists and our hosts to help raise money for such a worthy cause! **** you, cancer.”

Jackbox Games are frequently played by streamers and their communities. The hilarious comedy games will provide the perfect opportunity for the queens to get a little shady.

Gamers Beat Cancer is a not for profit using video games and technology to support the mental well-being of those living with cancer. Through “The Gift of Gaming” the charity provides games, consoles and other technology to those who would benefit most.

Ben Nicholls, Director at Gamers Beat Cancer, lost his husband to oesophageal cancer and found a lack of support for the LGBT+ community.

“One thing that did help me through those tough times was video games; it was my therapy and without the hobby I’m not sure how I would have ended up,” he said.

“This is why I came onboard with Gamers Beat Cancer, to not only promote the benefits of gaming during these traumatic times but also give the gift of gaming to cancer patients to help them through this experience. “

To find out more about Gamers Beat Cancer, visit their website and Twitter page.