Among Us developer adds accounts system to battle toxicity and abuse in the community

Among Us

The developers of gaming phenomenon Among Us have added a new accounts system to battle toxicity and ensure the game is safe for all.

Developer InnerSloth has struggled under the popularity of the game to deal with cheaters, hackers and unfair treatment in public lobbies.

The new accounts system changes that, as explained in a blog post by the developer. From 31 March, players will be required to have an account in order to access free chat with other players.

It’s still possible to play without an account, but Guest Mode only gives access to randomly generated usernames and the new quick chat function that restricts communication to pre-programmed messages.

The accounts system is focused on reporting and moderation capabilities so that players can report others if acting inappropriately, including inappropriate names, inappropriate chat, cheating, or harassment. Consequences range from temporary to permanent bans.

Any reports will be read by people and not bots, so will be handled personally. A reason will need to be given with each report.

Players under the minimum age in their respective country will require permission from a parent or guardian to access free chat.

These changes are aimed at making Among Us safer for children to play, but will also improve the safety of players from marginalised communities.

In more fun news, the new update to the game also brings a much-requested new map: The Airship.

Alongside the map are two new adorable hats available for free – angry eyebrows and a unicorn hat – plus an Airship Skin Pack including three new skins can be bought with the game.

The game has become hugely popular over the past year, despite launching back in 2018. It’s even seen players using the game to find a boyfriend.

Check out a trailer for the new Among Us map below due on 31 March.