Among Us gamers scream trans rights with defiant yet adorable custom mods

Among Us streamers say trans rights with adorable costume mods

Nothing says trans rights like a bunch of streamers playing modded Among Us, right?

On Sunday night, the likes of Twitch and YouTube streamers Natsumiii, Valkyrae, Sykkuno and QuarterJade jumped into a long stream of Among Us matches as the new airship map launched.

Playing with mods adds a tonne of new content, including new hats like Kermit the Frog, Metal Gear’s Snake, and a whole host of cute trans hat options courtesy of artist and streamer TheLastShaymin

The group were drawn to the trans hat options, including an adorable scarf, and soon grouped together for a trans scarf vs duck hat moment.

Trans rights indeed!

Beyond mere cosmetics, the group were playing with a mod from NotHunter101 that changes up the roles. Not content with mere imposter and crewmate roles, the mod adds in other roles with new abilities.

The Mayor, for instance, receives an extra vote, while the Timelord can rewind time to potentially revive a fellow crewmate. Then there’s the Engineer who can use vents along with the imposters, and the Altruist who can sacrifice themself to bring another back from the dead.

Mods like these add a fresh twist to Among Us, though rounds can quickly get chaotic.

Adding trans rights hats is enough for us!

Along with the brand new airship map, Among Us developer InnerSloth has recently added an accounts system in a bid to tackle toxicity on the game.

Players must now sign in with an account in order to access full chat and naming features, in order to deal with harassment. This means accounts can now be reported for cheating and poor behaviour. 

The game can still be played without an account, but in Guest Mode players are limited to randomly generated names and a restricted quick chat function.

To play with the Extra Roles mod, you’ll need to download NotHunter101’s mod from GitHub. Sadly they’re only available when playing on PC.

You can watch the trans rights moment at the start of Valkyrae’s stream below.