Modibodi’s sustainable new bikini briefs are a game-changer for beach goers who have periods

The recycled retro-style bikini from Modibodi.

Modibodi has released an innovative new sustainable bikini brief which aims to help the planet while protecting the customer from leakages.

The eco-friendly swimwear product has been launched by brand Modibodi this April and it’s available to buy now from the website for £31.50

It comes in sizes 10 to 20 and features a high-rise waist and thick supportive waistband, for a stylish and practical bikini brief.

The bikini brief protects the wearer from period and bladder leaks, so you can enjoy a day at the beach or the pool without any worries.

This is because they’re able to hold up to two tampons of your flow, eliminating the need for disposables which can be harmful for the environment.

Plus they boast innovative Modifier Swim Technology, making them absorbent as well as stain and odour resistant so they’re perfect for spotting discharge on light to moderate days.

The fabric is also chlorine-resistant and UV50+ giving you that all-important sun protection in every way.

The bikini briefs are made from recycled 78 per cent pre-consumer nylon. (Modibodi)

The bikini briefs are made from recycled 78 per cent pre-consumer nylon. (Modibodi)

It’s made from recycled 78 per cent pre-consumer nylon and means less tampons on their way to landfill or clogging the oceans, which is part of the brands aim to help combat the one million tonnes of plastic dumped into oceans.

Previously, Modibodi has released a pair of game-changing leggings to stop periods and leakage showing during workouts, again made from recycled materials.

It was launched in 2011 by Kristy Chong from her own experience with bladder leakage, she says: “Many brands still feel the need to hide or gloss over the very natural process of having your period.

Modibodi shows the real side of menstruation and reminds us that not only are we allowed to feel however we want when we have our period, but that we have other options besides eco-damaging disposable pads, liners and tampons.”

Since its launch the brand has become Australia’s number one selling period and leak-proof underwear brand as well as a world leader in sustainable period underwear.

To find out more and to get the recycled bikini brief go to the Modibodi website here.

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