Drag Race UK star Tayce has the best clapback to pathetic fans trying to body shame her

Tayce Drag Race UK photoshoot instagram

Drag Race UK favourite Tayce has shown she is the queen of takedowns after she shut down people who body shamed her new thirst-worthy photoshoot.

Since leaving the show, Tayce has rightfully amassed media attention for her stellar performance on season two of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK. The Welsh queen was unveiled as one of the new faces of Coca-Cola’s latest advertising campaign, and she’s gracing the cover of the Attitude Tea Time digital special.

The lip sync assassin recently posted a series of amazing photos showing off her glamorous physique on Twitter. Tayce’s stunning photos have garnered over 11,000 likes and heaps of praise in the comments.

However, one person took issue with the photos, saying Tayce is “too thin”.

But Tayce was having none of it, and she expertly shut down any attempts to body shame. She wrote that people “don’t like to like it”, but it is her body. Tayce continued: “ive never been able rn gain weight. My metabolism is through the roof. Deal with it.

“We all have our struggles and insecurities, I have always hated how slender I was growing up, being called ‘stick insect’ or ‘Gollum’.”

Tayce said she hoped the photos would inspire others who “feel and have similar looks to myself” to love their bodies. She said people are “comparing yourself to the muscle marys of the world” which resulted in “feeling you’re not working of love or attention because of your body”.

“Me showing off my ‘skeletal’ body and celebrating it is to inspire others who feel and have similar looks to myself. Or feel underrepresented,” Tayce wrote.

She ended her body positive message by telling anyone who doesn’t like her body or think she’s “too skinny” can just “deal with it”.

“And to those who don’t like it or think I’m ‘too skinny’? well this is me and always has been, and I don’t plan on changing anytime soon so DEAL WITH IT,” she wrote.

Fans ate up her messages of body acceptance, sending Tayce their love and sharing their own experiences of being bullied for their figure. Even Drag Race UK winner Lawrence Chaney showed up in support of her fellow season two contestant and friend. She wrote simply: “Love you Tayce!!!”