Build-A-Bear Animal Crossing: Fans left disappointed by much-hyped new collection’s lack of choice

Build A Bear

Build-A-Bear Workshop has launched a new Animal Crossing range, but fans have been left hugely disappointed.

The Nintendo Animal Crossing: New Horizons collaboration was hinted at previously, with the Build-A-Bear collection going live on 6 April. 

Fans were wishing on shooting stars but were left stuffed when they discovered the collection only includes two bears: Isabelle and Tom Nook.

Build A Bear

The Animal Crossing collection. (Build A Bear)

The Nintendo Switch game has hundreds of animal villagers able to join your village, plus other star characters like Celeste, KK Slider, the Able Sisters and Blathers. That’s not to mention your own customisable villager.

As such, many fans were anticipating a more extensive range.

Instead, hype turned to disappointment as the collection went live and fans were left thoroughly deflated.

Celeste in particular was a popular choice, with the character soon trending online alongside Isabelle.

Anticipating a sellout success, Build-A-Bear requires purchasers to sit in a virtual queue with estimated wait times of over an hour before being given a limited time to make their purchase. It’s only then that the full (limited) collection can be seen.

The Isabelle and Tom Nook bears are available for £39.50 each. As well as selecting precisely how much stuffing you’d like to give them, you can also choose between voice activation or the Animal Crossing: New Horizons theme song when you give them a squeeze.

If you’ve ever wondered what Isabelle and Tom Nook look like being stuffed, there’s now a video for that. If that’s your thing.

As New Horizons is now the second best selling Switch game after Mario Kart the collaboration certainly makes sense, but no doubt this is a huge missed opportunity.

They’re not the only Nintendo bears available though, with a Pokémon range also available. It includes adorable Pikachu and Eevee bears among others, with cute hoodie accessories and sound clips that definitely won’t get annoying.

Visit the Build-A-Bear website for details.