Satanic style set to be top summer trend thanks to Lil Nas X – 10 evil garments to get you started

Satanic style Lil Nas X

Lil Nas X’s release of his song and video “Montero (Call Me By Your Name)” broke the internet last week, propelling the singer to number 1 in the US and UK, and driving right-wingers into a furious froth.

The video for the track features the rapper pole dancing to hell, giving Satan a lap dance, and making out with a three-eyed, snake-bodied alien. Like you do.

As you can imagine, it’s been met with backlash from conservative snowflakes who have called the video “evil” and “depraved” on Twitter. Lil Nas X has largely used the furore to drive yet more sales, while laughing at his haters.

However, fans have embraced the song about gay sex, and rightly so – it’s a defiant, fantastic banger.

In the video he has some outstanding style moments, including silver chains and chokers and some thigh-high PVC boots paired with only boxer shorts to slide down into hell, because why not?

The ‘Satanic Panic’ inspired by the irreverent video has in turn sparked an interest in devilish goth and punk styles featuring everything from satanic symbols, leather boots, jackets, metal T-shirts and more.

Below we’ve compiled a list of some clothing you can add to your wardrobe to create some looks inspired by Lil Nas X’s video.

A t-shirt featuring Baphomet. (Etsy/PoisonAltClothing)

A t-shirt featuring Baphomet. (Etsy/PoisonAltClothing)

This ringer T-shirt features the pentagram symbol alongside the Baphomet figure, a combo that is often repped by the Church of Satan and used in different art forms including American Horror Story. This top is perfect to pair with something like a leather jacket and flaunting it will really p**s off those conservatives. It’s available from Etsy here.

The pentagram symbol necklace. (Etsy/GreenQueenCobra)

If you’ve been inspired by the music video which sees Lil Nas X wear silver chokers and chains and want one of your own, then you should snap up this pentagram choker. The symbol is often used in wicca as well as a satanic symbol, which will hopefully make snowflakes squeal. If you want to wear it proudly then you can get it from this seller on Etsy here.

A pair of satanic dangly earrings. (Etsy/Liquidbreed)

A pair of satanic dangly earrings. (Etsy/Liquidbreed)

The inverted cross can often represent Satanic ideals, so it’s been adopted by many people who follow or embrace the Church of Satan (who, by the way, do not believe in a literal Satan with horns. They’re actually into benevolence and empathy). These earrings featuring the inverted cross are a perfect way to rep it for yourself and you can get them for £3.50 from Etsy here.

You can get a personalised pair of 'satan blood shoes'. (Etsy/sedark)

You can get a personalised pair of ‘satan blood shoes’. (Etsy/sedark)

Remember after the video dropped and Lil Nas X was going to release some Nike shoes filled with real human blood? Well after the sports brand intervened, a judge blocked the trainers from being shipped to customers. If you liked the idea of them then you can get some ‘Satan blood shoes’ from Etsy. It looks like they don’t actually contain blood but feature a personalised design which includes the inverted cross and Baphomet.

This shirt features a 'baby Baphomet'. (Etsy/ToxicFemme666)

This shirt features a ‘baby Baphomet’. (Etsy/ToxicFemme666)

A T-shirt featuring Baphomet and your pronouns? Well that’s just the best, frankly. You can choose from they/them, he/him, she/her or get a personalised one to match your pronouns. It’s available from Etsy here and the sellers describe themselves as “trans/non-binary occultists”.

The "Hex the Patriarchy" t-shirt. (Etsy/Pangothic)

The “Hex the Patriarchy” t-shirt. (Etsy/Pangothic)

Another T-shirt which is sure to get right-wingers riled up is this “Hex the Patriarchy”, which is featured alongside other Satanic symbols, so get your coven together, get some matching T-shirts and get to taking down the patriarchy. It’s available from Etsy here.

A "Quit Hatin' on Satan" t-shirt. (Attitude Clothing)

A “Quit Hatin’ on Satan” t-shirt. (Attitude Clothing)

Another great quote shirt is this one which reads “Quit Hatin’ on Satan”, with the latter in big red letters. This sits alongside a design of the Baphomet and “666”, the number of the beast. It’s available from Attitude Clothing here.

A satanic face mask. (Etsy/WorldofMisthara)

A satanic face mask. (Etsy/WorldofMisthara)

This Satanic face mask is perfect for these current trying times. You can protect yourself during the pandemic while always repping all things demonic. It features Baphomet and the pentagram and is priced at £5.99 from Etsy here.

The 'new goat' t-shier. (Etsy/AtomicultClothing)

The ‘new goat’ t-shier. (Etsy/AtomicultClothing)

You can get this creepy T-shirt which features three figures wearing goat heads against the backdrop of the pentagram. This one is sure to moderately offend any right-wingers that you come across and you can get it for £15.92 from Etsy here.

A Baphomet beanie. (Etsy/PoisonAltClothing)

A Baphomet beanie. (Etsy/PoisonAltClothing)

If you want to complete your satanic look from head to toe then you can top it off with this Baphomet beanie. It features the usual symbol inside the pentagram and is available in loads of colours. You can get it from Etsy here.

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