Lady Gaga producer teases peak-gay Chromatica remix album with Rina Sawayama and Charli XCX

Lady Gaga Rina Sawayama

It has been almost a full year since Lady Gaga released her sprawling sixth studio album Chromatica – and you know what that means. It’s time for a remix album.

BloodPop, who served as producer and writer on most Chromatica tracks, asked his Twitter followers on Sunday (4 April) what artists they would like to see on a remix album “in theory”, and tagged Rina Sawayama in the thread.

When a Twitter user suggested Sawayama should be featured on a “Free Woman” remix, Bloodpop simply replied: “Yup.”

BloodPop also replied to a number of other Lady Gaga stans who suggested countless artists for a potential remix album.

When one person begged him to deliver a Charli XCX “911” remix, BloodPop replied: “Working on it!”

Fans were also quick to plead with BloodPop to release the tracks trans icon SOPHIE worked on before her tragic death in January of this year.

“In honour of SOPHIE and the work she did on Chromatica I feel like it would be a great honour to see her work,” one fan wrote.

BloodPop replied: “I agree but it’s up to her family and it’s imperative to respect their privacy at this time.”

Lady Gaga fans also want Lil Nas X on a Chromatica remix album

Drag queen Penelopy Jean begged BloodPop to bring Lil Nas X on for a Chromatica remix album, with the producer simply replying: “I wish.”

Grimes also weighed in, suggesting a new version of “Rain on Me” with Nicolas Cage “freestyle shouting”.

The tease come just months after BloodPop collaborated with Rina Sawayama on “Lucid”, a pulsating dance track that kicked off the deluxe edition of her critically-acclaimed debut album Sawayama.

BloodPop worked closely with Gaga on Chromatica for some time before the album was finally released at the end of May 2020.

The album was initially postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic, and Lady Gaga fans were left heartbroken when coronavirus put plans for a Chromatica tour to bed.

Meanwhile, Gaga has been keeping herself busy launching a new creative partnership with vintage champagne brand Dom Pérignon. She is also shooting her new film, House of Gucci, in Italy with Adam Driver.