Lady Gaga teases new album and the little monsters can’t deal

Lady Gaga in a black dress at the 2022 Grammy Awards.

Lady Gaga’s next album could be coming sooner than fans realise, after the superstar posted a series of cryptic photos from the recording studio.

Gaga has been teasing her fans relentlessly with hints of LG7, so it was only natural that her little monsters went absolutely feral when she posted three black and white photos to Instagram on Thursday night (8 February).

While the first was accompanied only by a black heart emoji and the second by a red demon emoji, the third included the caption: “Tik tok tik tok”.

What could it mean? No one knows for sure, but it fans are certain that LG7 is imminent and it might be time to brace for impact.

In all three black and white snaps, Gaga is rocking a long blonde ponytail. While the first is a simple selfie in what appears to be a trench coat, the second and third are particularly moody photos taken in the studio, surrounded by keyboards and mixing desks, her face hidden in the shadows.

Gaga has been sharing snaps from the recording studio for a while.

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Initially, fans had been worried that Lady Gaga’s recording studio pics had been taken while she was working on Joker’s musical sequel Joker: Folie à Deux, in which she plays Harley Quinn opposite Joaquin Phoenix.

But this rapid-fire posting of three photos in a row is a telltale sign of a new era – and fans reacted as such.

“Gaga what is happening,” asked one rightfully panicked fan in the comment section.

“Lady Gaga I have a family plssss I’m in tears!!!” begged a second.

And another demanded: “Gaga you can’t do this to me today.”

Lady Gaga’s decision to send her little monsters into a state of panic with the possibility of a new album comes just hours after she responded to a fan question about LG7 on TikTok.

When a follower asked: “Where is LG7”, Gaga responded through her Haus Labs TikTok account, with: “In a vault guarded by 👹.”

That just so happens to be the same demon emoji she used in her cryptic series of Instagram posts. Do we sense a theme developing?

Only time will tell!

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