Olly Alexander wants to play a ‘messed-up gay superhero’ after runaway It’s a Sin success

Olly Alexander.

Olly Alexander wants to play a “messed-up, gay superhero” for his next acting role after the success of It’s A Sin.

The Years & Years singer spoke to the Official Big Top 40 after his new single “Starstruck” entered the UK top 10, and conversation soon turned to his role in Russel T Davies’ seminal AIDS drama It’s A Sin.

Olly Alexander played the series’ main character, Ritchie Tozer, a young gay man from the Isle of Wight who believes AIDS is just a “money-making scheme for drug companies”.

Alexander was asked if he had any plans to further his acting career. The Years & Years singer shared he had been “sent a few scripts” for more roles and would “definitely like to do something like act in something again”, but doesn’t “know what it’s going to be”.

“It’s going to be difficult to top the experience I had,” Alexander admitted.

He said he dreamed of playing a character with “magical powers”, ideally a “really messed-up, gay superhero”.

Olly Alexander recently released his first single since his band Years & Years became a solo project.

He recently addressed the split, saying the band had “grown apart musically”. Years & Years was originally formed in 2010 as a trio consisting of Olly Alexander, Mickey Goldsworthy and Emre Türkmen. In March, Goldsworthy and Türkmen said they would be stepping down as active members, leaving Alexander to carry on with Years & Years by himself.

Olly Alexander said in an interview with Capital FM that the three men had met a decade ago, and in that time, they had “grown apart”. He added that they had “got into a new way of living our lives and working together quite separately”.

“We kind of stopped making music together, and when we announced that I was going to be Olly Years & Years, it had kind of been a long time coming if that makes sense,” Alexander said.