Alan Carr turned down Strictly Come Dancing in case he got ‘hard’ doing a ‘sexy dance’

Alan Carr smiling

Alan Carr has revealed that he turned down the chance to compete as a same-sex couple on Strictly Come Dancing, fearing he’d get too turned on.

Speaking on his podcast Life’s a Beach with Made in Chelsea star Jamie Laing, who appeared on the dance competition last year, Carr said: “I get asked to do Strictly every year, and the journalists say to me: ‘What do you think about same-sex dancing?’ And I say: ‘No.’

“Their eyes light up and they go, ‘Oh my God.’ I say no because I will get a lob on if I dance with Aljaz [Škorjanec] or Gorka [Marquez], oh my God.

“I would be so hard, I couldn’t do it, I couldn’t.”

He explained: “I’m one of those people, I get on a bus, the vibrations make me hard.

“So doing the Argentine tango, forget it, that’s a sexy dance… The VTs [pre-filmed segments] would just be me knocking one out in the room.”

Carr also said he fears being “the joke” if he were to compete on Strictly Come Dancing, but said that seeing comedian Bill Bailey on the show may have started to change his mind.

“I genuinely would like to be sexy,” he said. “I would like to look sexy, I would like to wear the sheer outfits and the tight trousers.

“I don’t want to be the joke, but I know I would be. But, I thought with Bill, what a game-changer, he was funny, yet good.”

Alan Carr recently revealed he was outed by a ghost

In another recent revelation, Alan Carr revealed that he was outed as gay to his mother by a ghost via a ouija board. 

Discussing ouija boards with Amanda Holden on their joint episode of ITV’s DNA Journey, Carr told her: “Me and my mum used to do the ouija board – don’t do that. I got outed by a ouija board.”

“I was doing it with my mum, I wasn’t out yet – as if I was ever in – and she got a message from my dad’s friends called Sinbad.

“He said: ‘H-O-M-O-S-E, homosexual.’