Gay bar sent chilling abuse after Trump fanatic Angela Stanton-King’s rant: ‘I hope y’all end up like Pulse’

Angela Stanton-King at The Palace drag show

A Miami gay bar was sent vile abuse after conservative influencer and Donald Trump fanatic Angela Stanton-King posted a foul-mouthed video criticising a drag show.

In April, Stanton-King posted a video on social media while watching a family-friendly drag show at The Palace in Miami’s South Beach.

Her video shows two young children approaching the drag queen performing to Madonna, before getting on stage and innocently dancing with her.

In the video Stanton-King said: “Why in the hell have these people got these little bitty-a*s kids at this f**king drag show?”

She continued: “Look at this f**king bulls**t… They’re picking f**king money up off the floor like they’re f**king strippers and s**t.”

After Stanton-King posted the video to her 300,000 Instagram followers, The Palace began receiving violent threats online.

Thomas Donall, owner of the iconic LGBT+ venue, told Local10 that one in particular stood out: “I hope y’all end up like Pulse.”

The comment was in reference to the 2016 mass shooting at the Pulse LGBT+ club in Orlando, Florida, in which saw 49 mostly Latinx queer people killed.

Donall said: “It’s really difficult for us and heart-wrenching… I mean it just makes me… really sick to my stomach.”

“It was all innocent fun for the girls,” he added. “I mean they were posing with a Madonna show.”

Angela Stanton-King was pardoned by Donald Trump after spending two years in prison

Angela Stanton-King previously spent two years in prison over federal conspiracy charges for her role in a car theft ring but was pardoned by Donald Trump in February 2020.

She also tried to challenge the late John Lewis for his seat in the Georgia House of Representatives, but failed spectacularly with less that 15 per cent of the vote.

Stanton-King, who is viciously anti-trans, has spoken publicly multiple times about her own trans daughter.

Last month, she exploded in a hate-filled tirade over an episode of Dr Phil, after she was invited onto the show to “have a chance to settle your dispute and find a resolution” with her daughter.

Although the episode has not yet aired, Stanton-King took to social media to rant: “F**k Dr Phil. F**k his motherf*****g wife.

“F**k goddamn Paramount studios. F**k all you other crazy dumba*s sons of b*****s that think a d**k is somehow magically turned into a p***y.”