Tom Daley wants to have another baby after the Olympics: ‘We want a big family’

Tom Daley

Tom Daley wants to have another baby after the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games draw to a close.

The father-of-one, 26, told Attitude magazine for its July issue how he has long grappled with balancing the gruelling training schedule of being an Olympic diver with fatherhood.

But with the delayed Tokyo summer games just two months away, Daley said that he and his husband Dustin Lance Black have considered growing their family.

“I mean, we’ve always said we want a big family,” Tom said during a video call with the publication, before turning to his son and saying: “Robbie, do you want a brother or sister?”

“A brother and a sister,” the two-year-old responded.

“You want a brother and a sister?” Daley replied.

“We’ve always said we want a big family. Definitely after the Olympics at some point, I’m sure we will.

“There aren’t any plans to yet, but we’d love to make our family bigger, of course.”

Tom Daley for the Attitude July issue. (Eddie Blagborough)

Tom Daley, who earlier this month took home both a gold and silver medal in the European Aquatics Championships, also reflected on how the coronavirus pandemic paused what was once his all-consuming regime.

It allowed him to spend more time with his son, who calls Daley “Papa” and Black “Dad”.

“He’s changed so much in the last year,” he added, looking at Robbie.

“It has been so nice to actually be able to be home to see him grow.

“In a normal Olympic year I wouldn’t have been home otherwise, to actually experience him changing into the lovely little human being you are, aren’t you, Robbie?” to which Robbie nodded in agreement.

Black and Daley welcomed Robbie in 2018, who was born in the US via a surrogate.

In raising their son, the couple have sought to scrap the “bizarre limits” of gender and simply let Robbie be himself.

Black, 46, told the Some Families podcast in 2020 that he wants their son to be “proud of his gay dads”.

Musing on how important it is that queer parents teach their children LGBT+ history, he said: “Our gay brothers need to stand up for women and when it comes to parenting.

“It just means not setting these bizarre limits based on these [gender stereotypical] constructs that are completely unnatural.”