Drag Race UK royalty Bimini Bon Boulash knew they were non-binary from a young age

Bimini Bon Boulash reveals the title of their debut book

Drag Race UK icon Bimini Bon Boulash has revealed they knew they were non-binary from a young age but struggled to find the right language to describe themself.

“I always knew that I was neither here nor there – like I was in between,” they told The Evening Standard. “That’s how I’ve always felt. The term ‘non-binary’ only came around [into currency] a couple of years ago. I realised it made sense.

“Before, the terms that everyone used were ‘genderqueer’, or ‘gender non-conforming’. A lot of problems are rooted in gender: sexism, discrimination.”

Since appearing on Drag Race UK, Bimini has openly discussed their journey to finding the right language to describe their identity.

They added: “I feel we’ll all be able to move forward together if we don’t split people up and expect someone to be a certain way just because they’re female or male. Look at all the stereotypes and labels that we put on ourselves. Just let people be a human.”

Bimini Bon Boulash platformed trans rights throughout Drag Race UK

Bimini Bon Boulash was open about their non-binary identity while competing on Drag Race UK, and many viewers praised their candid discussions with fellow non-binary contestant Ginny Lemon.

Speaking to Ginny about their struggles with coming out, Bimini said: “I think it’s always a difficult conversation to have, especially when some people don’t understand, some people don’t quite get it, it can be emotional.”

“It’s a struggle every day, and it’s a battle every day,” they said later in the episode. “We’re like square pegs in a circle, and how we want to self-identify isn’t up to anyone else. It’s not up to anyone to have a debate about it, about how we feel inside.”

Ginny Lemon, however, later criticised the show for “milking [them] for a nice little non-binary storyline”.

In the second episode of the show, in a bold show of trans pride, they tried to paint a white corset in the trans flag colours live on the runway. However, the reveal unfortunately didn’t go to plan, as the balloons that were supposed to splatter the paint sagged and retained the paint.

Despite not going to plan, fans still praised Bimini Bon Boulash for trying to make a statement on the runway. They tweeted afterwards: “No matter your gender identity, know that you will forever have my love and support… even if I f**ked up my reveal!”

Bimini has continued to speak out about trans and non-binary Pride

Bimini Bon Boulash is still proudly flying the non-binary flag wherever they go.

Shortly after Drag Race UK wrapped, they announced they had signed with major modelling agency Next Model Management. They called the role “huge for non-binary representation in fashion”.

They also spoke out about a trans Pride mural that was painted in Norwich to celebrate their success, which was later vandalised.

“I will never stop being myself,” they wrote. “I’ll never shy away from living an authentically queer experience even if there are people that disagree with out existence.

“Trans rights are human rights and I will push that message until the end.”