Lil Nas X calls on the gays to ‘post hole’ and ‘shake your filth for Harvey Milk’ in hilarious SNL Pride sketch

Lil Nas X SNL

In a gloriously queer season finale, Saturday Night Live (SNL) took shots at all the downsides of Pride with an epic “Pride Month Song”.

The catchy musical sketch takes aim at the corporatisation of Pride, getting turned down in bars and straight people being everywhere.

It features queer SNL regulars Bowen Yang, Kate McKinnon and Punkie Johnson, with celebrity guests Anya Taylor-Joy and Lil Nas X.

Bowen Yang – also known as the gay iceberg – stuns in a pink leather harness, singing about the inevitable “mental breakdown” when your crush doesn’t text you back during “Santacon but for queers”. In one of his most relatable moments yet, he cries to Anya: “I don’t want to be funny, I want to be hot.”

Anya and Kate McKinnon play a lesbian couple who host a “gay brunch” and breaking up at the end of the night, because “even for lesbians, [they] moved in way to fast”.

Punkie Johnson features in arguably the most relatable moment, lamenting about the endless sea of straights in the gay bar during Pride, and asking: “When did all these straight girls start dressing lesbian?”

But inevitably, Lil Nas X stole the show with his cameo leading the Pride parade, also in a pink harness, singing about everything from Harvey Milk to “shak[ing] your filth”.

Lil Nas urges viewers: “Post hole on close friends, post hole on main, post hole for the countries where you can’t be gay.”

“Marsha P. Johnson and Harvey Milk, they paved the way for you to shake your filth. Stonewall was a kiki when they threw the brick. They fought for your right to be this chaotic.”

The SNL finale featured some of the best queer moments of the season.

Getting gayer every season, SNL has outdone itself with the finale of its 46th season.

Notably, Lil Nas X split his leather trousers pole-dancing to his hit song, ‘Montero (Call Me By Your Name)’. Many have argued this is now the queerest ever moment on SNL, even topping Harry Styles playing a gay intern who comments “Wreck me daddy” on Nick Jonas’ Instagram.

Lil Nas also performed his new track, ‘Sun Goes Down’.