Far-right Christian cranks launch pathetic bid to reclaim Pride Month as ‘Christianity month’

pride month

Pack up the Pride flags everyone, because conservatives are reclaiming June as Christianity month.

We’re sorry to tell you that the month formerly known as Pride has officially been cancelled – at least that’s the claim from the far-right.

As rainbows and LGBT+ love spread online, conservative groups and far-right conspiracy theorists are desperately trying to combat it by flooding timelines with the hashtags #Christianity month and #ReclaimTheRainbow.

Their rallying cry was led by far-right conspiracy theorist Lauren Witzke, who called on her followers to celebrate June as “Christianity month”.

Being suspended from Twitter she was restricted to her Telegram channel, a favourite with conservative groups.

She followed this up with an appearance on the far-right conspiracy show TruNews alongside alt-right troll Milo Yiannopolous, who recently declared himself “ex-gay”.

“I wish that you could fight the horrors and hells of Pride month,” he said as Witzke cut in: “Now Christianity Month!”

Yiannopolous then suggested the term “Jihad June” before they introduced a toolkit of conservative memes to help people “reclaim the rainbow”.

Their wishful thinking soon spread to Twitter as desperate Christians reasoned that if they believed something hard enough it would be true.

“Let’s get #ChristianityMonth and #ReclaimTheRainbow trending,” announced one post, while another good Samaritan claimed they were on a “rescue mission to save LGBT people from the eternal oven”.

Back in reality Pride Month continued as normal, and the actual Christian month, otherwise known as the entirety of December, is expected to do the same.