Pose star Dominique Jackson sets the ‘queer agenda’ in instantly-iconic video

Dominique Jackson Pose

Pose icon Dominique Jackson has presented the “queer agenda” – and it’s everything we hoped for and more.

The trailblazing actress urged queer people to stan Sarah Paulson, share their pronouns and “blast JoJo Siwa as loud as you can” in a video recorded for The Most, Netflix’s home of LGBT+ storytelling.

“Hello, I’m Dominique Jackson and I own 51 per cent of the company,” the Pose star said, opening the video.

“June may be over, but Pride is 365 days a year, my darlings. I am here to present the Queer Agenda for us to keep our minds sharp all year round. Now, let’s get started. I have shoes to buy.”

Jackson kicked off the “queer agenda” with the most important point of all, reminding LGBT+ people that “Black trans lives matter”.

“Let me say it again: Black trans lives matter,” she repeated.

Pose icon Dominique Jackson made essential points about sex work

Over the course of a near-three minute clip, Dominique Jackson told LGBT+ people to “replace all songs with their Glee cast versions” and to “double tap a Niecy Nash Instagram post”.

She also made a number of important points, telling queer people watching at home that they should “generously tip” service workers (especially drag queens). She also reminded fans that “sex work is real work”.

“Listen to trans kids, they’re smarter than a lot of you,” Jackson said.

“Share your pronouns. It’s simple – share them, so we know, we understand, and everyone’s on the same page.”

Jackson called for queer Latinx stories to be celebrated and told LGBT+ people to “get a check up” and “take care of that body”.

Hilariously, she also called for “spitting” to be normalised, adding: “OK I have no idea what that is, but if it makes you guys happy, normalise it.”

The actress wants people to come out when they’re ready

She continued: “Teach someone you love about douching, cleanliness, hygiene. Yeah, teach them. Please,” she added.

“Come out when you are ready. That’s really important. Celebrate queer AAPI stories. Get on lesbian TikTok, it’s so sexy. Blast JoJo Siwa as loud as you can.

“Get a tattoo with the lyrics from ‘A Little Bit Alexis’. Bake gay bread. I want some! Watch every single season of Pose, rinse, repeat, live, educate. History makes you smarter.

“Go ahead, ask for oat milk, you deserve it, your stomach will thank you.

“Normalise enthusiastic consent. Oooh, let’s go lesbians!”

Closing out her address, Dominique Jackson added: “And remember, the queer agenda does not end with Pride Month. Honey, it’s a lifestyle. So in the meantime, get the shoes baby. Get the shoes.”