Minecraft streamer Dream raises $140k for LGBT+ charity – but is criticised for not donating more

Minecraft Dream

Popular Minecraft streamer Dream has raised $140,000 this Pride Month for The Trevor Project, but has nevertheless been hit by a backlash for a perceived lack of streams.

The Twitch streamer is known for courting controversy; accused of both racism and queerbaiting in the past, so this fundraising came as welcome news – initially at least.

The money was raised between just two streams and three podcasts, with $20,000 in subscriptions, $60,000 in donations and $10,000 in ad revenue all donated to the cause.

To this $90,000, $50,000 was added directly from the Dream Team for the $140,000 total.

The Dream Team consists of Dream, plus streamers GeorgeNotFound and Sapnap who often appear in his videos.

However, Dream was criticised by fans for not streaming throughout June after promising to donate any money raised throughout the month to LGBT+ causes. His Twitch account instead lay dormant.

Instead, he was streaming on an alt account with just a fraction of the followers.

His decision to stream on his main account on the last day of Pride Month was considered by many to be a reaction to the stinging criticism. 

“Happy end of pride month, and I’m glad we were able to raise so much for such an amazing cause!” he said in a tweet following the stream.

Dream was also accused of “queerbaiting” – not for the first time – in a series of messages with Dream Team member GeorgeNotFound.

It seems Dream can’t stay away from controversy for long.

This Pride month has seen many streamers across Twitch and YouTube raising money for LGBT+ charities.

Most recently, trans ally lilsimsie raised $15,000 for the Transgender Law Center in just one stream playing The Sims 4.

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