Owow releases a quick and easy hack to tame flyaway hair and eyebrows during humid weather

Owow Flyaway and Brow Control

Owow have released a game-changing replacement for hairspray: a two-in-one beauty stick that keeps your hair and brows under control.

The “magic” Flyaway and Brow Control Stick is said to keep disheveled ponytails, threading-starved eyebrows and humidity-affected hair in check.

The quick and easy hair hack from Owow is priced at £15.90 and you can get it from owowbeauty.com.

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The small and compact product resembles mascara; it comes as a small tube with a wand to tackle flyaway hairs anywhere, anytime.

The product tames baby hairs without leaving them oily or crunchy like hairspray does and is an ideal tool to give your brows a styling brush.

Owow’s founder Georgiana Grudinschi says: “I wanted to create a product that was easy to use, could help create sleek styles and was hassle free.

“I feel like hairspray has never really evolved – why use a hefty aerosol when you can use a small sleek brush and styling product in-one that is compact yet with fierce hold.”

The Flyaway and Brow Control Stick can be used when hair is loose or in an up-do to tame flyaway hairs and add a shine.

Once you’ve tied your hair up how you want, start applying the wand from your hairline and sweep back. Owow recommend less is more, so use it sparingly and reapply as needed.

The product is suitable for all hair types and is vegan, cruelty free and infused with natural ingredients including jojoba, biotin, camellia and vitamin E.

The ingredients help prevent hair loss, boost hair growth, retain moisture and support the scalp by reducing oxidative stress.

Owow founder Georgiana notes the positive impact of lockdown on the business, with people looking for salon-like alternatives that they could use at home.

One of their most popular products is the Owow Kit which combats frizzy hair to give “silky sleek hair that lasts for up to three months.”

To find out more about the Flyaway & Brow Control and other products head to owowbeauty.com.