England football ace Jordan Henderson scored first Euros goal while being a staunch LGBT+ ally

Jordan Henderson rainbow laces

England midfielder Jordan Henderson scored his first ever international goal in the Euro 2020 tournament – all while wearing rainbow laces.

The player achieved the feat in a 4-0 match against Ukraine on 3 July, which ensured the England team made it through to the semi finals and proved the gays are too powerful.

Henderson repped the rainbow laces in support of the LGBT+ community, who have had a rocky experience during the UEFA tournament.

There’s been a number of controversies, from UEFA investigating whether German captain Neuer’s rainbow armband was “political” to a blocking of Munich’s Allianz Arena from lighting up in rainbow colours as a statement against a new anti-LGBT+ law in Hungary.

This simple gesture from the England player hasn’t gone unnoticed by football fans who wrote on social media that “this is what an ally looks like”.

One Twitter user wrote: “Wearing rainbow laces outside of Pride Month, backing up his verbal support of LGBT+ inclusion during the week, with visible actions.

“We need more people like this in sport, to make sure it is accessible and inclusive for all.”

Others said it proved why “allies are essential”, and that we simply “love to see it”.

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The rainbow laces are a popular and simple way for allies to show their support for the LGBT+ community and a way for queer people to rep their Pride.

If you fancy getting involved then you can get rainbow laces created by independent, LGBT+ creators on Etsy.

This includes some classic cotton rainbow laces by Joshua Lloyd who creates Pride accessories or a ribbon-style pair from LGBT+ store The Pin Prick.

LGBT+ rainbow laces

Two rainbow lace designs created by independent, LGBT+ creators. (Etsy)

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Talking about the gesture, another Twitter user added: “Jordan Henderson scoring for England in rainbow laces is one of many reasons why this is an England team I’m proud to support.”

Henderson wore the rainbow laces alongside the team’s centre back Tyrone Mings in a continued display of support for the LGBT+ community from the England team.

It followed up Henderson praising praising non-binary campaigner Joe White for attending a match in full makeup in June.

Henderson retweeted England fan White’s picture saying: “Football is for everyone, no matter what.”

Meanwhile in an earlier game in the tournament England captain Harry Kane repped a rainbow armband to stand “stand in allyship” with LGBT+ communities around the world.