Fortnite creator let off with ‘slap on the wrist’ for crude homophobia during LGBT+ event

Fortnite Rainbow Royale

A popular Fortnite map creator has had their work reinstated despite homophobic remarks against Fortnite’s LGBT+ Rainbow Royale event.

The Rainbow Royale event, to celebrate the LGBT+ community, is being hosted this week.

Map creator known as AwA responded to a tweet about the event on the Fortnite account with, “Oh, no”, and then when pressed, “I’m not a fanatic, but this is against nature.”

AwA is responsible for the Pro 100 map, one of the most popular user-created maps on the platform that is regularly featured in the creative hub and was included in Epic’s summer event.

Details of the response from AwA have been shared on Resetera.

Beyond his own response, AwA has liked a number of other homophobic tweets and memes in relation to the Fortnite event, as documented by Twitter user bnwkr.

In response, Epic disabled both the Pro 100 map and the Support A Creator code for AwA – essentially a referral code.

AwA initially apologised on Twitter, saying: “I know I made a mistake in the last tweets, I never expected them to hurt me, I’m really sorry for giving my opinion.”

This was then deleted and followed by another apology. 

“I am sorry for everyone I have said about the Rainbow Royale event and the LGBT+ community,” it reads. “I was not trying to hurt anyone but express my opinion about the event. I understand it is hurtful to the community and deeply sorry to everyone I have hurted. 

“The reason behind it was because it is against my religion and I was grown up that way. I will try better in the future and try to continue to strive as a creator. I have much to learn and correct. I hope you guys give me a second chance as everyone should have.”

Epic has since reinstated the map mere hours after the apology and disappointingly within the same week as its Rainbow Royale LGBT+ event.

It seems Epic will offer no further punishment.

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