Cardi B hits back at ‘queerbaiting’ claims: ‘It pressures artists to talk about their sexuality’

Cardi B poses during Road to F9 event

Rapper and songwriter Cardi B has hit back at claims of “queerbaiting” she’s faced following the release of the video for her song “Wild Side”.

The rapper made the comments in relation to a recent Rolling Stone article about queerbaiting which included a reference to her music video with singer Normani. The article noted a social media user accused the women of queerbaiting as the two are pictured embracing while naked in the video.

Cardi B, who is currently expecting her second child, replied directly to the Rolling Stone article on Twitter and questioned if the authors knew she was “trying to hide a whole baby bump” while shooting the video.

“Also, I’m married to a man, but I have express soo much about my bisexuality and my experiences wit girls,” the rapper tweeted. “All of a sudden ‘queer baiting’ is the new word [and] people use it to the ground.”

The “WAP” rapper denounced the term itself in a later tweet and stated she believed it could “pressure” people into divulging details about their sexuality before they’re ready.

“I feel like it pressure artist to talk about their sexuality or their experiences that they don’t feel comfortable speaking about,” Cardi B wrote.

“If a artist kiss a girl on a video does that means she gotta show videos [and] text wit wit other women?”

Cardi B previously addressed the topic of queerbaiting in 2018

The New York-born musician faced criticism after she featured on the “Girls” track alongside Bebe Rexha, Charli XCX and Rita Ora. In the music video, Ora and Cardi B can be seen kissing one another and holding hands.

The song received a wave of backlash from LGBT+ artists and fans for “fuelling the male gaze while marginalising the idea of women loving women”. One queer musician branded the track as “downright tone-deaf”.

Cardi B performing on stage white outfit with stars

Rapper Cardi B performs onstage during the 92.3 Real Street Festival at Honda Center on 11 August 2019 in Anaheim, California. (Getty/Scott Dudelson)

Cardi B revealed that she had multiple “experiences” with “a lot” of other women while defending the “Girls” track in 2018. She wrote on Twitter that she thought the “song was a good song”, and it made her “remember my experience”.

“We never try to cause harm or had bad intentions with the song,” the rapper added.