Anti-LGBT+ street preacher gets drenched in milk after refusing to stop homophobic rant

anti-LGBT+ preacher

An anti-LGBT+ street preacher got a face full of milk after his offensive rant angered a crowd of people in Hull.

Video footage shared with HullLive shows a man addressing passersby while standing on a bench in the city’s Queen Victoria Square on Friday afternoon (30 July).

A group of young people gather around him and attempt to drown out his speech, which reportedly targeted the LGBT+ community.

In the lead up to the confrontation the man can be heard calling the crowd “sinners” and urging them to “try Jesus”.

One young woman stands directly in front of the preacher, waving a small rainbow flag in his face to block his view.

As he stubbornly continued his rant, one witness said he saw some members of the crowd head into a nearby shop to purchase milk and eggs.

After this the group appear to give him “five seconds” to stop his preaching, before one person steps forward and drenches him with a two-pint bottle of milk. There were also reports of eggs being thrown at the man.

Crowd cheered as police led preacher away, witness says

An eyewitness told HullLive: “A street preacher was egged and covered in milk by a group of teenagers. Police eventually arrived and led him away.

“I was passing the square and the preacher had obviously upset a group with his comments. He was being heckled and someone was waving a rainbow flag over him.

“They then went to shop and came back with eggs and milk and started throwing it over him.”

The witness later saw the man being led away from the scene and into a police van by three officers as the crowd cheered.

A spokeswoman for Humberside Police said: “Officers were called to a disturbance at Queen Victoria Square in Hull on Friday July 30 at around 2.40pm. The incident has been resolved safely.”

It is not believed any arrests were made in relation to the incident.