Eurovision star Roxen comes out as non-binary in powerfully frank chat with fans

Roxen performs at Eurovision Song Contest 2021

Eurovision star Roxen has come out as non-binary in a powerful, open conversation with fans on TikTok.

Roxen – real name Larisa Roxana Giurgiu – was chosen in 2020 to represent Romania at Eurovision, but the international singing competition was cancelled that year due to COVID-19. Romanian broadcaster TVR announced Roxen would reprise their role as the representative during the 2021 competition, where they came in 12th place overall.

The singer revealed to their thousands of fans on TikTok that they felt like a “boy in a girl’s body” since they were little, according to Wiwiblogs. Roxen added in a later video that they “always thought and felt I was a boy in a girl’s body”, the outlet reported.

One fan asked Roxen directly if they identified as non-binary. They responded: “Yes, that’s the word.” While some non-binary people use they/them pronouns, others choose to use he/her, she/her or even a combination of all three, among other options.


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According to Wiwibloggs, a fan asked for clarification on Roxen’s pronouns. The fan asked on TikTok if it bothered Roxen if “somebody addresses you with he/him or with she/her” pronouns.

But Roxen replied simply on 26 July video: “No, not at all.”


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Roxen told fans in another video during the Q&A session that she often played and talked “like a boy” and felt more attached to activities that are stereotypically labelled as for a “boy”, Wiwibloggs reported.


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The Eurovision alum posted yet another video on TikTok. In the video, Roxen appeared in front of an article from announcing that the singer came out as non-binary on TikTok.

Roxen pointed to the article while smiling before sending a kiss – and presumably their love and affection – to fans.


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Roxen adds to the already LGBT+ studded line-up from Eurovision 2021

Trailblazing YouTuber NikkieTutorials made Eurovision history as the first-ever openly trans host. The makeup guru came out in January 2021 and made her official debut as one of the hosts of this year’s song contest during the semi-finals in May. She also interviewed each of the Eurovision contestants for the competitions YouTube channel.

Elsewhere in the competition, Iceland’s Daði og Gagnamagnið almost broke the internet after one member proudly waved a pansexual flag as it was announced the group qualified for the grand final. Rob Holley, who ran the wildly popular Eurovision Again rewatch in 2020, and is now works on the contest proper, said he believed it was the “first time” “we’ve seen the pansexual pride flag” during the competition.