‘Rude’ shop worker who compared being trans to ‘identifying as vaccinated’ gets schooled

TikToker mortuaryschool101 confronts Dollar General cashier who compared being trans to being vaccinated

A TikToker schooled a Dollar General worker after they compared being trans with “identifying as vaccinated”.

A video posted by @mortuaryschool101 – who also goes by Camille, according to their profile – showed the explosive encounter with the worker.

Camille wrote in the caption for the video that a Dollar General cashier and a customer were “making the loudest rudest comments” about LGBT+ people while they were shopping, and they “just couldn’t” stand by.

In their video, Camille repeatedly told the other person they need to be educated because what they said was “very ignorant” and “very rude”.


This Dollar General cashier & customer were making the loudest rudest comments about LGBTQ+ & I just couldn’t.. #SummerMashup #foryoupage

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Camille alluded to a “comparison” that the worker allegedly made about trans people while someone off camera reacted in indignation.

“How do you know that I’m not trans, and I didn’t take that very personally?” Camille questioned.

Another person attempted to interject, but the TikToker firmly told them that they were “not talking to you” before confronting the worker again. Camille then demanded that the worker repeat the comparison.

The employee asserted that she said: “If a girl can identify as a boy, I can identify how I want.”

According to Camille, she’d ended the comment by suggesting she could identify as “vaccinated”.

“That’s what you said,” Camille asserted. “That’s a terrible comparison. It’s very f***ing rude to the trans community. It’s very uneducated, and it’s disgusting.”

Someone else interjected, claiming to be the assistant manager, and Camille demanded that, if that was the case, “you need to educate your people”.

The TikToker then turned the camera on the worker and the assistant manager involved in the argument.

“This ignorant a*s woman just made a very disheartening statement, in comparing being vaccinated to trans people,” they said while pointing the camera at the employee.

The video has been viewed over 107,600 times on TikTok, and many people in the comments section applauded Camille for standing up to transphobia.

“EVERY ALLY SHOULD TAKE NOTE,” one person wrote. “Thank you for holding people accountable”.

Another person wrote that the Dollar General worker’s statement is “not a joke” and actually “causes people to be attacked” for being trans.

Camille called on people in the comments section to the video to spread kindness, adding that they appreciated “all of the support you all have shown”. If people aren’t kind, the TikToker warned: “We are no better than them.”

Later in the comments section, they identified the incident as having taken place at a Dollar General store located in Bethel Park, Pennsylvania.

PinkNews has reached out to Dollar General and @mortuaryschool101 on TikTok for comment.