Scottish comedian Limmy hilariously destroys sexist idiots on Twitch: ‘Just put it away, son!’

Limmy on Twitch

Scottish comedian Limmy shut down sexist remarks in his Twitch stream, proving once and for all that he’s an ally (as if there was ever any doubt).

Limmy had a celebrated comedy career including a BBC sketch series, but also streams video games on Twitch full time to his 350,000 followers.

His stance against sexist remarks came during a stream playing Twelve Minutes, the latest game from Annapurna Interactive that sees a man stuck in a time loop solving a murder mystery – a game that’s sadly full of misogyny.

It wasn’t long after beginning the game that sexist comments against the protagonist’s wife began in chat.

Limmy brought the stream to an abrupt halt.

“Right, listen…” he said. “I saw someone saying, ‘she’s asserting her dominance,’ and I’m hearing people are saying something about all sorts of things.

“See all the comments about… any of that sort of stuff. Time-out, time-out, time-out, ban, ban, ban, ban, just go daft mods.”

He continued: “I would just like it with a female character appearing in a game, doesn’t have all this sort of sh*te in the chat. Take it to one of these other streams, one of these big shots with these 80 thousand viewers. Take it to one of their streams. Go on.”

Later he responded further, embodying criticism against him.

“Limmy what’s happened to you? The Limmy that made Dee-Dee would let me away with this. What’s the problem that any time I see a woman on the screen whether it’s on a YouTube video or a character in a game, how can I not say things about her arse and things like that? How no?”

“Just don’t,” he replies to himself. “Just put it away, son! Put it away!”

This is the kind of online allyship we love to see on Twitch.

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