Violent homophobe pushes man into Liverpool canal in dangerous, ‘despicable’ hate crime

Police tape seals off a house

A man was hospitalised after being shoved into a canal running through Liverpool, England, in what police have said was a “despicable” hate crime.

On Saturday (4 September), Merseyside Police, the county’s force, received reports that a man was in the canal next to the Mann Island apartment complex in the Liverpool Waterfront.

The victim was pushed into the canal by an unknown suspect who shouted homophobic slurs at around 3:10am, the Liverpool ECHO reported.

While the man did not suffer any injuries, emergency services sped him to hospital and was described by authorities as “extremely shaken” by the incident.

“Detectives are appealing for information following a hate crime assault in Liverpool this morning (Saturday 4 September),” a Merseyside Police spokesperson said.

“At around 3.10am, we received a report of a man in the canal next to Mann Island apartments.

“It was reported that the man was pushed into the water by an unknown suspect and a homophobic slur was directed towards him.

“Emergency services attended and the man was taken to hospital. He did not suffer any serious injuries but was left extremely shaken by the incident.

“Detectives have launched an investigation to find who was responsible for the assault and are appealing for anyone with any information to come forward.

“CCTV, witness and forensic enquiries are currently ongoing.”

Detective Chief Inspector Paul Speight added in a statement to the outlet: “To be attacked and subject to homophobic abuse in this manner is utterly despicable, and we’re determined to find those responsible and remove them from our streets.

“Due to the abhorrent verbal abuse the victim was subjected to, we’re treating this as a hate crime.

“Merseyside Police stands against hate crime in all its forms and will not tolerate people being targeted in this manner because of their sexual orientation or gender identity.”

Liverpool police vow to ‘remove the scourge of homophobia amid rise in ‘despicable hate crimes’ 

The attack comes amid an alarming rise in anti-LGBT+ hate crimes that has seized Merseyside and Liverpool in particular this year. According to county police, such violence has risen by more than 25 per cent compared to figures recorded last year.

The sharp upswing in attacks driven by hatred has seen queer people pummelled in takeaways, beaten in broad daylight, left bloodied and bruised and even children spat on.

In one horrifying attack, a gay teenager, just 14, was “stamped on the head” by a gang in St Helens.

Experts have long warned that police figures undercount the number of hate crimes in England, which have soared for years now, because many victims do not report incidents.

“Regrettably, we have seen an increase in despicable hate crimes related to sexual orientation and gender identity on Merseyside this summer,” DCI Speight said.

“In response to these incidents, we have increased patrols and engagement across Liverpool city centre, with officers maintaining a 24-hour presence to keep our communities safe.

“I know that I speak for the overwhelming majority of residents when I say that hate has no place on Merseyside.

“We will not stand by and let people be subject to abuse because of who they are and we are determined to remove the scourge of homophobia and transphobia from our streets.”