Deltarune, the sequel to queer classic Undertale, gets surprise new chapter

Deltarune Chapter 2

Undertale creator Toby Fox has unveiled his next project.

Deltarune Chapter 1, a sequel to Undertale, was released back in 2018 and now Chapter 2 has been surprise announced at the end of a sixth anniversary stream of Undertale.

It will be available 17 September on PC and Mac, though few details are currently known.

Like Undertale, Deltarune is a top-down RPG though its turn-based combat more closely resembles Final Fantasy

It does feature a similar style, music and sense of humour to its predecessor, with a familiar story that sees a child falling into the “Dark World”.

Deltarune Chapter 2 has been eagerly anticipated, with a story that follows on directly from the first. More chapters are also planned in future.

Chapter 1 is available now on PC, Mac, Switch and PlayStation for anyone who wants to catch up.

There’s also a spoiler free trailer for the game that features lots of dogs.

The game is arriving in chapters owing to Fox making this ambitious title alone, with some assistance from a small team.

“Unlike Undertale, this is the type of game that would normally have many designers working on each aspect of the game,” said Fox.

“A story writer, a composer, an audio director, a map designer, a battle designer, a minigame designer, and an overall director. Instead, all of those roles end up handled by me.”

Undertale is a cult favourite, particularly with the LGBT+ community.

The lead character is non-binary and referred to with they/them pronouns, while other characters are part of the community or have been read as such.

Undertale is available on Game Pass if you’ve previously missed out, as well as Switch, PlayStation and PC.

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