Grimes admits truth behind viral photo of her reading Karl Marx after Elon Musk split


Grimes has revealed the truth behind the viral paparazzi picture of her reading Karl Marx after splitting up with Elon Musk, the richest person in the world.

In photos that reached every corner of the internet over the weekend, Grimes was seen walking around Los Angeles in what is best described as a robot-elf costume, while reading a copy of Karl Marx’s The Communist Manifesto.

Hilarity ensued, as the media pounced on the contrast between her choice of reading material and the fact that she has just split up with Elon Musk, the richest person in the world with a net worth of just under $200 billion.

Sadly, the singer has now revealed that her appearance as Comrade Grimes was all a publicity stunt.

Having been hounded by the paparazzi since her break-up with Musk, she explained on Instagram that she had realised it was the perfect “opportunity to troll”.

Sharing a headline from the New York Post – “Grimes seen reading Karl Marx following split with world’s richest man Elon Musk” – she wrote on Instagram: “Full disclosure I’m still living with E and I am not a communist.”

While Grimes admitted that Marx had “some very smart ideas in this book”, she added: “Personally I’m more interested in a radical decentralised UBI that I think could potentially be achieved through crypto and gaming but I haven’t ironed that idea out enough yet to explain it.

“Regardless my opinions on politics are difficult to describe because the political systems that inspire me the most have not yet been implemented.

“Anyway if paparazzi keep chasing me perhaps I will try to think of more ways to meme – suggestions welcome!”

One Instagram commenter summed up the post perfectly: “Honestly I love how the lines get more blurred every day between ‘stuff Grimes normally does’ and ‘stuff that’s enough like Grimes that we can’t tell if it’s satire’.

“Keep the internet confused, queen.”

Grimes could soon be off to one of Jupiter’s moons to start a ‘lesbian space commune’

Although Grimes has now confirmed that she is definitely not a communist, starting a “lesbian space commune” is an idea that’s still on the table.

The singer confirmed on 27 September that she’d split up with the 50-year-old SpaceX founder Elon Musk after three years together, and when asked for comment by Page Six, she said: “I’ll be colonising [one of Jupiter’s moons] Europa separately from Elon for the lesbian space commune.”

Musk told the publication that the couple were “semi-separated but still love each other”, and would continue to co-parent their baby X Æ A-Xii.