Drag Race icon Laganja Estranja shuts down disgusting criticism of her transition

Laganja Estranja

RuPaul’s Drag Race star Laganja Estranja has hit back at trolls criticising her transition: “There’s no right way to be transgender.”

Laganja, who rose to fame after appearing on the sixth season of RuPaul’s Drag Racecame out as a trans woman in June this year shortly before she appeared as a lip-sync assassin during All Stars 6.

On Thursday (14 October), she took to Twitter to share a strange and ignorant message she’d received from a follower.

They told her: “If you are going to come out as trans and seek the support of the gay community, your fanbase and above all else the means community, then you need to show that you are taking steps to transition.

“You say that every trans person has their own journey, travel along their own path, but your announcement that you are trans has been out for some time now… You’ve got the money, you’ve got the funds, there is no excuse as to why you are not transitioning.

“You even do videos and drag with no boobs.”

Sharing the message, Laganja responded: “Allow individuals to go on their own journey, there is no one way or RIGHT WAY to be transgender.

“Breasts do not make me any more or less of a woman… I am very serious, and I don’t need surgery in my first couple months of being out to prove this!”

Laganja Estranja received overwhelming support from the drag community

The drag community rallied round Laganja Estranja, and reiterated that neither gender expression nor medical transition defines a trans person’s identity.

Peppermint, the first woman to be cast as openly trans on RuPaul’s Drag Race, thanked Laganja for sharing the interaction and educating people on the obsession with “passibility”.

“Thank you for posting this,” she wrote. “I still hear stupid comments of people that don’t think that I was a valid trans woman when I was on Drag Race because I hadn’t had any visible surgeries.”

Non-binary drag queen and politician Maebe A Girl tweeted: “This is f**ked. Breasts do not make a woman. I’m sorry you’re experiencing this bullshit. Your chest is no one else’s business.”

Canada’s Drag Race season one star Ilona Verley added: “EVERY TRANSITION LOOKS DIFFERENT… A trans person can chose to NEVER medically transition in any way, that doesn’t devalue the fact they are still trans… F**k those people.