Trans Jeopardy! sensation Amy Schneider takes break from show. Here’s when she’s back

Jeopardy! champ Amy Schneider

Amy Schneider will continue her history-making streak on Jeopardy! after clocking up a 13th consecutive win – but not for a while.

Fans of the Californian engineering manager will have to wait to see if Schneider can extend her reign, as she announced on Twitter that she will be taking a two-week break from the show. 

It comes as the game show has launched a special Professor’s Tournament hosted by Mayim Bialik, with 15 professors competing to take home a cash prize of $100,000 (around £75,000).

The regular edition – and Schneider – will be back once the special run ends. 

Schneider announced on Twitter: “I’ll still be online during the next two weeks, although probably a bit less than I have been (I’m sure my job would appreciate that lol).

“I’m looking forward to watching Jeopardy just as a fan for a couple weeks, hope you all will join me!”

Schneider has so far taken home the fourth-highest winnings in a regular season, racking up $536,400 (around £400,000) over 13 games.

She has also qualified for the Tournament of Champions, becoming the first trans woman ever to do so.

Schneider has revealed that although she is happy to be doing well, one element of winning “sucks”

“The one thing that sucks about Jeopardy! is that for me to win, the other contestants have to lose,” she said.

“Madeline was a very nice person as I said, and as a viewer watching at home, I would have loved to see her go on a run of her own… but I don’t want to lose!” 

When is Amy Schneider back on Jeopardy!

The Professors Tournament of the show will take place over a two-week window, running from Monday 6 December to Friday 17 December. 

Jeopardy! has confirmed to Schneider fans on Twitter that she will be back on screens on Monday 20 December.