Legacies bids farewell to beloved queer character after Kaylee Bryant’s departure

Kaylee Bryant as Josie Saltzman from Legacies

Kaylee Bryant has said goodbye CW’s Legacies after portraying fan-favourite queer character Josie Saltzman for four seasons.

Bryant has played Josie Saltzman on the supernatural drama series, which is a spin-off of The Originals, since 2018. The show features characters from The Originals and its predecessor, The Vampire Diaries.

In season four episode “I Can’t Be the One to Stop You”, Josie, a pansexual witch who is also a student at Salvatore School for the Young and Gifted, left Mystic Falls behind. But before she departed forever, Josie also bid an emotional farewell to her girlfriend, Finch (Courtney Bandeko).

“When I come back, we can see where you and I are,” Josie told her girlfriend.

Bryant thanked her fans in an emotional message on Instagram and reflected on the impact her character had on LGBT+ representation on the show.

“As a fan of The Vampire Diaries universe myself, I am so grateful to the fans and will love them always and forever for welcoming and accepting me into this world,” she wrote.

Bryant continued: “Josie has helped so many beautiful humans feel comfortable in their sexuality, and I hope her legacy lives on so that one day everyone feels free to love whoever they want regardless of gender.”


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Josie Saltzman quickly became a fan-favourite character and was praised for her pansexual representation on Legacies

Needless to say, fans have been pretty emotional over the news of Bryant’s departure and the loss of the beloved character.

However, this may not be Josie Saltzman’s last appearance on Legacies.

Executive producers Julie Plec and Brett Matthews said in a statement to TVLine that it was “heartbreaking to say goodbye to such a beloved Super Squad member”, but they wished Bryant “happiness and success” for the future.

“We look forward to watching her career grow in the future, and our door at Legacies will always be open to her, because the world is simply a better place with Josie Saltzman in it,” they said.

Earlier this year, Bryant came out as a member of the LGBT+ community. The TV star shared a picture of herself holding a LGBT+ Pride flag and wearing a queer-themed shirt to celebrate Pride Month.

The caption to Bryant’s photo read: “Hi My name is Kaylee and I’m queer. Happy Pride Month.” The post was accompanied by two LGBT+ Pride flag emojis.