Drag Race’s Pangina Heals addresses so-called fans’ racist hate with grace, class and a genius idea

Pangina Heals, an Asian drag queen, wears a glittery silver hair piece and matching top

Pangina Heals has opened up about the vile “racist remarks and death threats” she has received following her debut on RuPaul’s Drag Race UK vs The World.

Needless to say, there are some spoilers ahead for the first episode of Drag Race UK vs the World.

After a glorious start to the international spin-off series, Pangina and Jimbo were named the top two queens of the week. The pair then faced off in a jaw-dropping lip sync battle royale, and the victor would be able to choose which of the bottom two queens – Lemon or Janey Jacké – would have to leave the competition.

Pangina beat out Jimbo in a fierce performance to the Spice Girls‘ iconic hit “Say You’ll Be There” and she chose to have Lemon sashay away.

The Thai drag queen revealed on Twitter that she had received several threats online from so-called Drag Race “fans” who were unhappy with her decision.

“Am I allowed to block people who DM me angry messages regarding my decisions on the show?” Pangina wrote. “I have nothing but respect and love for every one of the girls but it is a competition and I had to make a decision.”

A short while later, Pangina was back on Twitter to say the angry messages had seemingly escalated as she was now receiving “racist remarks and death threats”.

“Please be kind to other humans,” she added. “You may not agree with my decision and I can respect that BUT violence or threats are not OK.”

Fans and queens across the Drag Race family were quick to defend the Drag Race Thailand judge on social media.

Lemon condemned anyone who sent such vile messages to Pangina, declaring people who send such hate are “not my fan if you’re doing this s**t”.

The Canada’s Drag Race star told Newsweek that she is not bitter over the elimination. But she said it “would break my heart” to think that people are sending Pangina “messages on my behalf that I would never agree with or send her”.

Lemon believed it was “absolutely crazy” that Pangina was “getting mean messages and hate mail” as the two are “friends” and “sisters”.

“I just think it’s stupid… get friends and have people that you can talk to because no one is telling you you can’t have an opinion, no one is saying that you should watch the show,” Lemon added.

Pangina Heals is not letting the hate weigh her down, and she’s even come up with an inspiring idea to help fight online bullying in the future.

“All right I came up with an idea. Wall of balloons. Each will have words that hurt written on them,” Pangina wrote on Twitter. “Every balloon I am able to take out with the darts I will ask people to do donate money.”

She continued: “100 per cent of the money raised will go to a charitable organisation against online bullying.”