Charli XCX unveils official signed douches and fans are torn: ‘This is chaotic’

Charli XCX and her douche

Charli XCX has revealed that she is releasing signed douches as part of her new merch drop, and opinions are split.

On Sunday (20 February), Charli announced on Twitter: “New XCX merch is so hot ur all gonna die.”

Fans scrambled to guess what the merch would include, from baby clothes to cryptocurrency, and one asked: “Are you gonna sell thongs?”

Charli responded with a simple “no, but”, and a picture of a sleek, black signed douche.

In case anyone needed reminding, before a concert at the O2 Institute Birmingham, a fan named Marcus asked Charli XCX to sign a douche during a meet and greet.

The “Boom Clap” singer is no stranger to bizarre meet and greet requests, having even been asked by a fan to pose for a picture with their mother’s cremated ashes, but Marcus’ stunt caused Twitter to beg: “Make homosexuality illegal again.”

He told PinkNews at the time: “I was just thinking what could be a really obscure and funny thing to get her to sign.”

Admitting it was his “spare” douche, he added: “She didn’t really know what it was so her reaction wasn’t anything over the top.”

Marcus later sent Charli a message to make sure he hadn’t made the singer uncomfortable, but she seems to have embraced douches as part of her brand.

Some were less than excited about the exclusive douche, with one Twitter user responding: “OMG this is gonna start a gay plague.”

“This era has been such a curse,” said another.

However, overwhelmingly, fans praised the singer for being “for the bottoms” and asked her to swiftly “take my money”.

Others declared that they would be “douching with the Charli XCX douche all of Pride month”, and many asked: “Babe are you okay? You’ve barely touched your Charli XCX exclusive douche.”

Charli XCX’s new album, Crash, will be released on 18 March, 2022.